By: Bradley Loves


So dispicable, so decietful, so treasonous, it can not even properly be described!

This is what was foisted upon all Americans when FDR got hold of the reigns of Government!

This video below, I’ve posted before, and you’d better watch it soon if you have never done so, because it is now being “blocked” behind a “DISTURBING CONTENT” wall, and you also have to sign into Youtube to even view it – unless you view it here on my blog!



Too many people think that if we “elect” just the right people, we will finally be FREE!

That is never going to happen!  Freedom is TAKEN, not given!



If your entire goal is to “wait around” doing nothing until someone else (like a parent figure) hands you your “freedom” on a silver platter, you will be waiting around for all eternity!

No such human being (or groups of human beings) exist here on Earth that are working and fighting so that every single human being gets his or her FREEDOM!

Even Q-Anon (if indeed real) is simply working toward the goal of giving every human being a CHOICE as to weather they “wish” to be FREE, but certainly not working to FREE THEM.



Freedom is insisted upon!  Fought for!  Demanded!

Lives are laid on the line, and other lines are drawn which those who would take your freedom from you must not cross…, and there is a huge OR ELSE sign placed upon the line.

Rich people, if you’ve taken the time to watch the video posted above – and I highly recommend that you do – will always seek (eternally) to find a way to STEAL/PIRATE AWAY what is yours!

They are born greedy, and are unapologetic parasites!  They are a blight upon the human race and are some of the most sorry, deviant, and laggard souls the Universe has ever seen created!

They are also pathalogical LIARS – and will use sweet words of deciet to CON YOU (every single day of your life) to try to take from you what you have!

That is why ONLY the eternally vigilant can manage to keep their FREEDOMS.

Long ago, the men and women of America got too “comfortable” placing their lives and their TRUST in men wearing fancy suits and walking the halls of congress!



Ann von Reitz (in her latest post) tell us exactly why FDR screwed not only the American people, but eventually the ENTIRE WORLD!

Just like in the video above, it is a very sad tale of EXTREME COWARDESS!

Taken from this link at Anna’s website:


Facts About the “Justice” System

The “equity law” that the British adopted in the 1750’s is a horrible excuse for a justice system.

It allows the King’s bill collectors to act “as” the King and to “dispense justice” on his subjects however they like without regard for the written law, past precedent, the findings of juries or anything else.

Any British Subject facing such a court is utterly at their mercy in a venue that is something straight out of the Dark Ages.

(Why do you think British Courts are now telling parents whether their own children can live or die? ~ B)

The conversion of the British Judicial System to this travesty and the pollution of the British Common Law under Lord Mansfield gave the British aristocrats a virtual carte blanc to do whatever they wished secure in the knowledge that the King’s bill collectors would help them out in any issue provided that the King got his cut.

This is a large part of the reason that the Colonies rebelled in the first place. And it is long past time that we did so again — by savaging Great Britain in the Court of Public Opinion worldwide and refusing to put up with their evils on our shores.

So now that you know what “Equity Courts” are and why they are evil, please realize that these evil foreign courts have taken over your courthouses like a cuckoo bird stealing a nest.

The British Territorial United States began usurping against our lawful Federal Government during the so-called Civil War and started closing our courts in May of 1865.

By the 1930’s their puppet, FDR, had informed all the senior judges and justices that from then on, only (British) Maritime and Admiralty Law Courts were to be allowed here—- and quote, “We don’t care what you call them!”

In other words, deliberately deceive the people and foist these courts from a totally foreign jurisdiction off onto them.

Now you know why the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure tell the judges and lawyers involved in this scam to provide “an appearance of justice”.

And that is what the American Bar Association has done.

Every Bar Member has knowingly or unknowingly committed High Crimes and Treason.

They have all conspired to create and then pillage and plunder public trusts named after each and every one of us.

No more evil scheme has ever been devised in the history of the world, and having done it to us, they did it to the rest of the world, too.

All the countries on Earth should, by rights, join together to sink the British Isles into the Atlantic — except that by doing so, we would harm the British People, who have suffered under the scourge of these criminals for longer than everyone else.

Finally, to protect themselves, they incorporated these evil courts so that they could seek bankruptcy protection and enjoy the benefits of the corporate veil.

These “courts” are nothing but glorified commercial corporation debt collection agencies. And here’s the proof, neatly summed up by Colt Dekker:

Not only is the United States a corporation, but the “Judicial Branch of US Govt” is also a Delaware Corporation (Delaware SoS file number: 3383789), listed in Dun & Bradstreet:

“The following is the DUNS number for JUDICIAL BRANCH OF US GOV: DUNS number: 956858625”, as well.

The “Judicial Branch of US Govt” (corporation) includes:


So our courts from the Supreme Court on down to state courts are corporate “policy” (as in police) courts.”

So, Campers, there you have it.

These are corrupt organizations fronting for other corrupt organizations and they have no right to address you at all.

If J.C. PENNY can’t tell you how to live your life or tax you, neither can THE STATE OF OHIO SUPERIOR COURT.

They have hired “police” to act under color of law as mercenaries to remove you from your homes under conditions of false pretense.

They are trespassers in the truest sense of the word.

The politicians and Bar Members deserve to be excoriated from New York to San Francisco, from Beijing to Moscow, from Berlin to Seville — and especially in London and Westminster where these evils took root and flourished and grew in the heart of what was supposed to be the “firm bastion of freedom”.

Firm bastion of Bull Shit is more like it.

Every member of every police force on Earth and every member of every military and paramilitary organization needs to be clued in and told to do their actual duty.

Assuming that the politicians won’t do their jobs, the people will have to— and in that eventuality the police and the military need to know who “the Enemy” really is.



Once again, I am going to outline the REAL problem here…, and not a single NEW AGER is going to like it – because it DEMANDS that you take action!

The TRUTH of the matter is this:

Countless, and I really do mean COUNTLESS people all around the world (wearing suits and ties) are committing TREASON AND HIGH CRIMES every single day against their fellow human beings!

They are Lawyers, Judges, Police and the like, and they (without knowing it) are acting out PURE EVIL.

Who is going to STOP THEM if not YOU?

What?   You thought that they were going to just “give you back” the FREEDOM that they stole from you, a theft which every single one of them PROFIT VERY HEAVILY FROM?

Both Lawyers and Judges make MONEY – $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ – off of every single court case they are involved in, and that is because of the CESTA QUE VI  TRUST!

(A trust in which millions of dollars exists to support you all of your life, but which has been hidden from you so you can’t access it, BUT THE COURTS CAN).

That is why they love to throw men and women into jail for holding an ounce of Marijuana!!

Once you are in Jail, the court can access the Cesta Que Vie trust – in your name – to “support you” while you are in jail – and the Judge and the Prosecutor take a huge CUT!

Get it through your heads people:


Your parents, through blind obediance and stupidity gave them away!

They GAVE AWAY what our ancestors fought and died for!

Why do you think that I am so adamant about this matter that I took the time to write 45 page document and post it PUBLICLY where anyone and everyone could read it.

I certainly did not do it for my health!  This is a WARNING to anyone and EVERYONE who would even think to cross the line, and try to steal my FREEDOMS!

It is very well spelled out and now has been fully NOTARIZED!

It is an official document which the UNIVERSE will recognize as legitimate!   GOD himself sees it!

And NO…, I will not just “forgive it all”!   These “countless” men and women (many who KNEW what they were doing) will be held fully accountable for every single act and action they took against me and against mankind!

Here is the fully updated version:


This is what “I’ve” done!!

What are “YOU” going to do??

Think on these things…

All my love….



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