By: Bradley Loves

Only when mankind figures out just who and what he is, will he finally understand his true worth and value in the Universe!

Our ability to LOVE is unique!   We are not only sentient beings, but we have an exceptional capacity to LOVE which is unparalleled in the entire Universe.

This “ability” to love is why we are collectively being tortured!   It is why we are being tormented!  It is why we are persecuted!  It is why there are some beings that want all of mankind stomped out for eternity!

The HATRED for man comes from the fact that “WE” have something that many species and beings simply DO NOT HAVE…, and moreover, CAN NOT HAVE!

Our deeply simplistic natures and our pure hearted LOVE for the wonder of everything around us is unique.

This has nothing to do with our physical bodies, but has everything to do with our SOULS and has to do with exactly what the CREATOR intended for us.

WE (mankind) are unique!

There are countless beings living and existing in the Universe who can NEVER and will NEVER be able to have what we have, or do what we can do!

This single fact causes those who know about this to COVET!

This covetousness is deep and primordial desire to have or to possess something that they can NEVER HAVE…, because the CREATOR did not give it to them.  Instead of being happy with what they were…, they wanted MORE!

It is a deep feeling born out of JEALOUSLY – which then turns into RAGE – which finally turns into HATRED!


This HATRED comes from the knowing that there is something in the Universe that can not simply be HAD by buying it, stealing it, trying to duplicate it…, or any other measure known to exist.

Imagine that there is a race of beings or entities who are very clever, long lived, and have attained some of the greatest things that the Universe has to offer!   Also try to imagine that they have never encountered anything that they could not get, take, steal, possess, or achieve!

Now imagine this clever race of beings coming upon another race of beings that were special due to how their very SOULS had been created…, and that ONLY GOD HIMSELF can make or create this type of soul!

This means that this race of beings could NEVER become what we already naturally were on the level of our SOULS.

The very first thing these covetous beings would do (out of jealousy) is try to OWN or POSSESS the beings they thought were special and different.  They would land on the planet thousands of years ago and claim that they “owned” the Earth…, and thus “us” as well!

After a very long period of time…, the jealousy they were feeling would turn to rage after finding that owning and possessing these beings (us) was not satisfying them any longer.

The next step would be to try to copy or duplicate these beings!

They would do everything they could think of to try to clone, hybridize, manipulate the DNA of…, and manufacture a compatible duplicate of – in order to see if they themselves could make a “version” of this special being they coveted so badly and that they could actually then become!

But since these special beings (mankind) were only special due to how their very SOUL was created…, nothing that these other beings ever tried would work…, and they would NEVER SUCCEED!

At this point…, these monstrous and jealous beings would try to make it seem as if these “special beings” they could not duplicate and thus not become – were not special at all by using every kind of slavery, debauchery, mind control, trickery, deception and illusion to make them FORGET who they were and to also make them “appear” to act in vile and horrible ways so they could make it appear to the rest of the Universe that these beings were somehow LESS SPECIAL.

These actions were not born out of jealousy…, but born out of RAGE!

But…, as time went on…, even this was not enough – and their RAGE would turn to diabolical HATRED!


Thus they now “hated” mankind…, and mankind would indeed pay the price!

The only solution was to literally DESTROY mankind in the most heinous way possible!   They were going to change mankind from what it once was for ever so that it simply did not exist any longer!

The thinking behind this tactic is simply:



This final phase…, is what mankind is approaching as we speak!

After every manner of cloning, and genetic manipulation that could not afford these beings of the experience of BEING PURELY HUMAN…, their only solution to their “problem” became to DESTROY ALL HUMANS!

But it had to be done in such a way as to prove to the Universe how clever, special, and far better than mankind they were!

This means that they needed to meld mankind with machine technology so that mankind was no longer recognizable with what  GOD our loving FATHER had intended or created!

This is their final solution to what they see as an OUTRAGE done against them!

It was that GOD dared to create something new that they could never become!

So…, not only do they HATE mankind…, but they HATE GOD as well…, and they also HATE all of the ANGELS in Heaven!

Fueled by their blind RAGE…, they seek to use every ounce of their cleverness and accumulated knowledge to destroy what they can not have or possess properly.

And this, my brothers and sisters, is WHY we are forced to fight this battle!

This is why we are forced to fight against them (even though we have never done a single thing to them).


It is pure, blind, JEALOUSY!

  • It is like the woman who can NEVER buy or possess the unique dress or the one of a kind jewels that her neighbor has…, no matter how hard she works or how much money she has!!
  • It is like the man who can NEVER buy or possess the sports car that is unique and is a one of a kind…, no matter how hard he works or how much money he has!!

He wants it…, but can not have it!   She wants it…, but can not have it!

Therefore…, because they can’t have it….,  “it” must be destroyed!

Mankind’s LOVING NATURE – due to our unique SOUL STRUCTURE – is what these beings covet so desperately – but they can not have, posses or become.

  • Therefore…, GOD has become a vicious and deplorable criminal to them!
  • HE has cheated them…, and they will therefore teach HIM a lesson that HE will never forget!
  • They will DESTROY that which he created, and at the same time, turn it into the most vile, horrid, ugly, and destructive thing that the UNIVERSE has ever seen!

They will turn mankind into nothing but MACHINES…, which THEY can control!    They will then turn these MACHINES on the entire Universe letting them loose in endless destructive WARS and sending them out on missions of pure torture and destruction in order to “punish God” for cheating them.

The “control structure” they have here on Earth is called: ILLUMINATI!

They are working very hard to implement the final phase of turning man into machine!  If we want to survive…, then we have no choice but to FIGHT BACK!


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