By: Bradley Loves


When will people finally learn that when it comes to “money” and “power”…, every single large corporation will eventually sell their soul to get it!

Yes…, even GOOGLE!

When it comes to spying on you, selling your data, censorship, and downright FASCIST activities…, Google is right up there with the rest of them!

Hidden behind their outer appearance of “super smart” kids giving you endless usable tech…, there is a method to their madness!

That madness is 100 percent CONTROL!

Google will soon be launching its most RESTRICTIVE search engine (which really should be called a “HIDE IT” ENGINE) in China that has been specifically designed for the Chinese people.

Called “DRAGONFLY”…, it makes it not only very difficult to find things that talk about FREEDOM or HUMAN RIGHTS…, it conveniently TRACKS everything you do and SCORES your on-line activity with your social credit score to see if you are a “good” human being or not!

If not…, well then, the Social Credit Score system will make sure you can’t do things like buy a house, get a bank loan, ride a plane, get a hotel room, or even have a job!

You’re just not a “good enough” human being if your “score” is not high enough!!

Well…, IF you’re not an OBEDIANT ENOUGH human being that is!

What this really boils down to is a form of modern day SLAVERY…, where you MUST do every single thing that your master tells you to do…, (or he will beat you) in one form or another.

What does that make this new GOOGLE search engine for China then if not the “slave masters” little helper??

In the search for more access and more money GOOGLE just SOLD IT SOUL!

Now…, Google knows that it screwed up!

Q – Anon is all over this today in several posts on

The only reason these posts are important is that GOOGLES CEO was just testifying in front of Congress the other day, saying (LYING) that they had NO intention to actually launch DragonFly in China.

But here…, we’ve got Q telling us that they already handed DragonFly over to the Chinese!

Now.., they are starting fires to cover their tracks!



Darth Vader would be proud!

Instead of this:


We’ve now got this:


When will the people working at GOOGLE wake up and realize that they are working for the EVIL EMPIRE ??


Quit your damn jobs and turn on your dark masters!!!


Google has now initiated a company policy of FIRING anyone who has a conscience and anyone who wants to debate good and evil openly.

Their STOP LEAKS program is comparable to a “high level” government military operation…, where their employees may as well be working in DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES and signing non-disclosure agreements agreeing to be killed if they do not obey!

GOOGLE has now become synonymous with the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM and has completely taken on the mantel of “internal” SECRECY at all costs!



Boy…, they just DO NOT want you the public knowing what they are doing!

Now…, if you STILL don’t get it…, and  you are a GOOGLE EMPLOYEE…, here is what is happening to leakers now!



Are you SURE you still want to work at GOOGLE ??

You are now walking quickly down the very SAME PATH that DARTH VADER DID!

You will end up looking EXACTLY LIKE THIS!!

How easy it is to go down the path of EVIL…, when all you care about is your JOB…, and a PAYCHECK!




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