By: Bradley Loves


Google (at the very top) is being run by MAGICIANS!

It has key people in high places from DARPA and the PENTAGON…, and just as I was told by William Stillings several years ago about NASA, JPL, and the SPACE PROGRAM being run by SATANISTS and MAGICIANS…, these TECH COMPANIES are also being run by SATANISTS & MAGICIANS!

The reason I am correctly comparing GOOGLE to the SS is that Himmler was also a Dark Magician running the SS as a multi-faceted information gathering and information censoring arm of the NAZI Party!

In his spare time…, he and 12 of his highest level SS initiates met once a month in Wewelsberg Castle in Westphalia and fought WW II on the Astral Level with BLACK MAGIC!


GOOGLE is fighting all of humanity using BLACK MAGIC…




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