Gordon Duff – for far too long – has been lost in his love for liberals and the Democratic Party…, but he earned my respect once again with this excellent article!

Why America is a Threat?


In this article, he mentions something that raised my eyebrows as well, and that was the “connection” that Epstein had to NEW MEXICO!

My question was…, who in New Mexico needed to be blackmailed and compromised and why???

The last part is the best:

One can and should also accept that all American elections long ago lost any sense of credibility.

What can we assume?

  • Unimaginable weapons are being built
  • Said same are being sold to the highest bidder, which is likely to include super-national criminal conspiracies
  • A new standard of criminality unseen since Hitler is now openly American policy
  • Institutions capable of stopping this threat no longer exist and any nation that stands up to, do we call it America or simply tell the truth and say “organized crime” will be destroyed, first economically then militarily

What we do know is those who fight back are certainly censored, we’ve seen that, Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter. We’ve also seen them imprisoned, murdered or simply “disappeared.”

Others are simply smeared, starting with Wikipedia and phantom websites, then moving on to the mainstream media.

Who is doing this? Who is in charge? Who would want to destroy an entire planet? Who enjoys human suffering? Are these questions too simplistic, too “black and white?” Are we in a war for survival and, thus far losing miserably? Who is “we?” We is “all of us.”


Outstanding Journalism Gordon!

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