When the words “criminal”, “human monster”, “worthless beast”, or even “genocidal maniac” come into your mind – the very last people in the world that an average human being thinks about in these terms is:  Law Enforcement – Federal Agents – Military personnel, or Government Workers.

However, in the world of mind hacking, remote thought manipulation, the total disruption & destruction of an innocent human beings life, as well as the breaking of every law and every rule of morality that God the Great Creator has set down for humanity – then these are the people – who are doing the most damage here on Earth and are attacking the innocent in ways that most normal human beings just cannot imagine.

Every single system that WE THE PEOPLE once held dear, and once held to be working hard for us with regards to our own best interests have SOLD US OUT to Satanists and have taken sick and twisted oaths to the darkness in order to keep getting a paycheck just to “save themselves” from what they have been told is coming down the road.  They are vile betrayers and traitors of the worst kind!

People that you know, people that you thought were honest and decent have taken the EASY PATH and have literally sold out the rest of us in ways that are not clear and have been hidden from your sight. This kind of betrayal is PURE EVIL and deserves the ultimate punishment.  The “Dark Side” is not stronger – just easier…

James O’keefe said it best in a very recent open comment that he made to the public on Telegram about what he has learned in his life about the people that he thought he knew:

Challenging Leviathan itself is hard enough.

Leviathan doesn’t like being challenged. But as nearly impossible as that is, the enemy and its injustice is no longer what bothers me. An enemy can’t betray you. Only people you think are good can do that. 

It has been an indescribable hell on earth for me to witness people go against everything they claim to believe in – everything good and right, in service to their love of money and power. I’ve witnessed envy destroy people whose hearts I thought I knew. I’ve seen an unhealthy obsession with comfort and safety from countless others. These weaknesses stand between us and what we’re “up against.”

You can find his entire comment here:



Here (once again) is Bryan Tew, a former Government Contractor and Security Specialist who used to work with Mind Hacking Technology, but then turned “Whistle Blower” and as a result had the technology turned on him.

Please read what he says as he describes the human monsters and intel agents who are working with super advanced broadcast technology and are very literally TORTURING INNOCENT PEOPLE in constant 24/7 attempts to control every single aspect of their lives.

These people deserve nothing less than death and to BURN IN HELL for the rest of eternity.  They really are not human any longer.  The sad part here is that many of you reading this article probably know someone who is using this technology or is working with it in some way – and because they work for the Government you think that they are somehow decent people.


What you are about to read is the highest CRIMINAL BETRAYAL ever to happen in the history of our world and it is being done to others by paid agents of the Government!

Bryan Tew describes the various ways to try to beat the attempts of hidden mind control technology being used against the innocent – (I’ve added a few comments of my own in RED):



1. Multi-­Tasking

Learn how to multi­task as multitasking causes you to think in multiple threads.
When you are constantly thinking in multiple threads (multiple tasks or thoughts) then there is no coherent pattern for the perps to establish and integrate into RNM data. In other words, ‘integration completion’ between the RNM system and your brain is hindered and without your response to that specific ‘impulse injection’, the RNM verification process is breaks apart.

The CIA-NSA perps are using a ‘fabricated or falsified broadcast stream’ to interfere with your memory and thought process. Once you become dependent (ie. you believe their impulse injections are your own thoughts) on the system’s output (or they believe your responses to it are consistent) they will begin to fabricate ‘subconscious responses’ which they will pretend are indicators of honesty/dishonesty, positive recognition, anxiety, etc, and they will use these ‘impulse injections’ to convince you that the fabricated responses [they are providing you with] are your own.

If you are unaware of this constant mental manipulation, then the system will begin to shape your thoughts and your behavior. They will use these methods to [attempt to] restrict your thoughts and your behavior by blocking [interfering with] your memory and your thought process while these alternative suggestions (injected impulses into your mind) are being provided and­ the interference is triggered and then subsequently can be re-activated at will by the attackers.

Again:you can defeat the RNM attacks by constantly multitasking (thinking about multiple things at once) and by ignoring random encounters with strangers you don’t know as such encounters are engineered by the perps in order to solicit an emotional response from you which their RNM system can remotely measure. Then you can not only see through the system’s attempts to manipulate you, but also manage their ability to evaluate your responses by controlling the ‘verification process’ ­ they get by working through the remote neural ‘memory blocks’ ­ and counter the system’s ability to influence your choices. It will begin to feel as though you are thinking in two ‘threads’.  Just learn how to multi­task. 

2. Spontaneity

Never follow a set pattern of conduct. Always change your behavior every day at a moments notice. Do this when you’re quickly (not slowly) on the move as it is more difficult for their remote neural system to monitor your thoughts while you’re in rapid motion.
If you decide to go to the grocery store, go to the convenience store instead. Change it up everyday but don’t do the same things over and over as that establishes a set pattern of conduct.

Remember they are trying to alter your daily motives and emotional perceptions by using technology against you. [It is a Weapon]

The remote neural monitoring systemis designed to provoke you emotionally so they can generate response statistics which the system will then use to determine how to interpret and link descriptions with data captured about your memory references.
That is why they are constantly trying to keep you talking, or constantly stopping you and asking for directions, etc.
So always ignore prolonged random encounters with people that you don’t know. You’re not being rude. Just refusing to allow them to manipulate you.
Once they have consistent statistics about you, the system will use previous ‘choice references’ and inject them into your subconscious thought process during normal activity which is also referred to as ‘impulse injections’ to convince you that the response was your own response and to influence you to complete or describe the reference by making the appropriate verbalizing or performing a related action, which is known as ‘Verification’.

You can fight and/or control this mind manipulation if you learn to defeat these memory attacks by learning to read active memory.

Once they see what you respond to emotionally, or intellectually, they will fabricate ‘conversational’ or ‘situational’ scenarios (Street Theater) based on events or topics they know will capture your attention.

This is why the perps [Government Agents and Workers] try to keep you talking for so long. Not just to aggravate you but to provoke you into an ’emotional response’ so they can map your thought process in order to subsequently inject impulses etc., and control your mind. This is why the feds try to get people close to you (eg by approaching you and/or befriending with a hot girl or so­-called ‘Honey Traps’.

Here is how you stop that from happening: ignore all prolonged random encounters with strangers you don’t know and be spontaneous.

This same remote neural attack can be used to disrupt your speech if the attackers decide to prevent you from discussing a specific topic or repeating a given word they don’t want you to use.

The system can be configured to disrupt your recollection when formulating a related statement or inject gibberish [triggered substitution] while you are attempting to speak to others.
The goals of these attacks appear to be threefold:

1. Censorship (Cognitive Containment)
2. Memory Management (Fabricated or Falsified)
3. Direct Behavior Control

These people are not concerned with legal constraints or any particularly acceptable way of life. They simply use anything that you enjoy, hate, or appreciate to abuse you regardless of your behavior so if they give you a compliment, realize that they are only doing it to see how you will respond when they turn around to negate it and torture you nightly.

If you keep a constant handle on your ‘state of activity’ as well as your situational perception you will recognize conflicting impulses and although it is possible for the system to overpower your impulses, if you understand the attacks you will be able to recognize the physical changes resulting from these powerful impulses and this should prompt you to re­evaluate your current state.

Unless you have been tortured to near­ incoherency, you should be able to fight the system’s influences.

These remote neural attacks are most effective when you are stepping through sequenced tasks so try to avoid ‘zoning’ on your activities. How? By changing your actions and activities randomly and constantly at the speed of thought. Don’t always plan out or think out your daily itinerary, if you don’t have to. ‘Just do it’ !

Remote Neural Manipulation is accomplished via their system’s ability to interpret your thoughts and is wholly dependent on its ability to predict and influence your ‘reference choices’ or ‘impulse sequencing’ during thought composition.

The system maps patterns with impulses and identifiers (evoked potentials) and uses statistical data about your ‘composition habits’ to predict how you will think or act as you begin to formulate thoughts or prepare to act. The system’s ability to define and map these references intelligibly depends on your cooperation [or ignorance] and the attackers’ ability to make sense of what they see visually or what they can guess based on your past activity.

3. Quenching

They will constantly run you through a ‘verification’ routine where the system probes you for a particular set of responses repeatedly in order to establish a pattern. If you are interacting and countering these probes the operator will vary the routine in an attempt to ‘verify’ via different methods.
Once the system ‘verifies’ the selected responses they will be used in the next wave of harassment routines ­ because the process is endless and you will see the effects clearly if you are consistently defeating the system.

If you are not defeating the remote neural system then you will not see or notice the effects.

The way to defeat their remote neural monitoring system is by ‘quenching’. You ‘quench’ remote neural monitoring by interacting with and countering their tactics.
None of what these people are collecting could ever be used in a case against you. Every piece of information collected by their system can be considered falsified and/or fabricated because the system is designed to continuously provide ‘suggestions’ according to data which has been previously collected about your current activity and the accuracy of the reference descriptions [definitions] is extremely low since the attackers don’t really care about truth and the system will fabricate statements and/or imagery in your mind while they are abusing you.

[I’ve written about this before in many articles. They are putting thoughts inside of your head that are NOT YOURS – Bradley]

The fabrications are generally the result of misinterpretation of references and emotional indicators as well as distortion of ‘injection feedback’ in addition to false entries added manually by the attackers as a result of their inability to understand what they are viewing or their mal intent.

There is no reliable way for the attackers to determine what is true even if they try to apply their observations to your motivational & emotional indicators. An attempt to prove guilt with their system would be the equivalent to a cop dropping a gun at a crime scene and claiming it belonged some individual who happened to be passing by:­ RANDOM and FALSIFIED.

There is no legal application for this system or anything that is generated by it. They will only capture what they want to abuse you with and when they decide to ‘censor’ your thoughts they will force you into an abusive or incoherent thought pattern using the injection and blocking methods mentioned above.

[They are simply TORTURING YOU – Bradley]

For example when you experience ‘sudden severe aggression and agitation’ its the perps, not you and is part and parcel ‘Mind Control’. They injected those impulses. Remember they want to keep you constantly thinking about them.

You can limit and counter this effect by learning to read memory while blocking their system. However it takes quite a bit of skill and self­ awareness. This is known as ‘Redirection’.

4. Redirection

‘Redirection’ is simple. When the remote neural attack happens and impulses and thoughts are introduced into your mind (by strong urges [high frequency broadcast attacks] or slight motivation [low frequency broadcast attacks]) just change your thread of thought.

This hinders ‘integration completion’ between your brain and the RNMmind control system. You do this by establishing what is known as a ‘Working Reference’.

The Bible says “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, ­­if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, ­­think about such things”. (Phillipians 4:8).

You can thwart their RNM attacks on you by establishing a ‘working reference’ each time they attempt to inject impulses and thoughts into your brain.

This is done by recognizing something in life that makes you very happy and then re focusing or ‘redirecting’ your thoughts back to that happy experience in life each time you are attacked through RNM.

If you can do this each day, then their attacks will simply be an annoyance to you as you can work around them, but it will still hinder your performance tremendously as you will be forced to test and validate each memory constantly and the physical sensations of the system radiating your brain will be both irritating and distracting to you as you fight back against them.


The people who are working with this technology and are employed inside of this torture system are verifiable monsters with no morals, ethics, or decency. 

They are pure evil and deserve to be hunted and jailed at best, and executed at worst.  After that, they deserve the FIRES OF HELL for the rest of their known existence.

As I’ve said before – the sickest part of all of this is that YOU PROBABLY KNOW people in your own life who are using this hidden technology behind your back, but do not know it. You may in fact be having coffee daily with people who TORTURE OTHERS for a living.

What are you going to do about that?

God the Great Creator wants to know because YOU CAN’T be a Christian and then rub elbows with these kinds of people.

It’s time to STOP LOVING the perpetrators – and to start caring about their VICTIMS…

Nuff said – All my love








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