[It is my feeling that we are going to start to see MORE and MORE  of this type of disclosure.  The Cabal is trapped and has to let some stuff out.  HOWEVER look closely at the symbols in the background – (the all seeing eye, the fish and the other thing on the left.)  These tell me that this “disclosure” is sanctioned and is being done with permission of the Illuminati.  Therefore…, it is NOT the entire truth but the bare minimum necessary and is put out to test the waters.  We as a Truth Seekers must continue to push for FULL DISCLOSURE…, and the WHOLE TRUTH…, not just scraps.]

Source: Activist Post

Author: Going Underground



Afshin Rattansi goes underground on an attempted academic coup in Turkey’s Göbekli Tepe. International bestseller & Author of Magicians of the Gods, Graham Hancock, discusses a catastrophic event that wiped out our ancient ancestors & the institutions trying to keep this civilisation a secret.

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