John 1:1

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.  All things came into being through him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being.



How can God – the Prime Creator of all that exists – the Source of pure love and pure energy even have a son?

How is it possible for a Being of unlimited intelligence that exists alone and all by Himself to have a son?



God – the Source – the One – the only Being that exists for all eternity – a Being of pure love, energy, kindness, and emotion would SPEAK HIS SON into existence.

First, through pure Will and Intent (meaning thought alone) He would “think” of His son as He willed Him to be – and then, holding that thought in His Mind – he would SPEAK HIM into existence.

As we already know – “sound” creates everything.  We already know that the Science of Creation (God’s Science) involves the use of Harmonics (sound) – Magnetics (polarity) – and Geometry (visible structure).

Since Sound is the only way for God to create something other than Himself, He projects the sound forth in order to create anything other than He.

The sound is the Word of God.

In the beginning was the Word!  The very first Word God ever spoke into existence was His Son.

This was His very first-born Creation – His own likeness that was reflected back to Him.  God’s son was with Him from the very beginning.

All things from that moment on came into existence through God working with the Word (the sound) which is His son and was with Him from the very beginning.

Apart from God’s own Son – nothing that ever came into being could exist or last.  For God and His son – His first-born Creation have worked together as ONE in order to create ALL OF IT.

They have worked, are working, and will continue to work to create ALL OF IT.  And this work will continue on forever.

We honor God’s Son for this very reason.  We honor Him because apart from Him we could not exist, for He and God are One and the Same.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

We owe our life and our breath to God and also to His son – without whom we could not and would not exist.

If we are going to honor life, then we must honor He who gave us life and He who created us from the very beginning, both God and His son.

When we recognize how God creates – and how all of it is sustained, maintained, and continued – through his Word (sound) – then we can only marvel in awe at the perfect symmetry of God’s Love for all that He has created. 

When we do not follow his Word, or obey his Laws, we dishonor God and we dishonor His Son, who maintains and sustains the entire Universe by creating the sound necessary to hold it all together.

To think or believe that “WE” are God – is to make the absurd claim that “WE” are creating and holding together all of creation.  It is to make the claim that we created ourselves, and that nothing outside of ourselves exists.


Delusion is the first step toward self-aggrandizement and self-destruction.

People who are deluded can never see the truth because they can not see clearly any longer.  They have come to believe that they are all that exists and therefore nothing else outside of them matters any longer.

When this happens, they stop giving honor to God.

This was Lucifer’s only mistake and it is a mistake that will destroy him in the end.

To stop giving honor to God – is to become self-absorbed and to cut oneself off from God’s love, power, energy, and most importantly from God’s wisdom.

Once this occurs, whom so ever would do this is forced to walk down the path of self-destruction – because every fiber of the Universe knows who it’s Creator really is.  The fabric of the Universe will never bend nor bow to a being who thinks that it is it’s own creator.

The Universe must forever recognize and give honor to that which maintains and sustains it. At the most basic level of Creation – at the level of sound – the entire Universe knows it must give honor to God because it has consciousness and intelligence.

What must happen is that any being that thinks it is its own creator will slowly be cut off more and more from God and thus be cut off more and more from all source energy of God’s Word (God’s son) – the sound – until its own destruction and its own end is guaranteed.

This is why every being that wants to live forever must bow and must give honor to the ONE God that created it all.  This is wise because this is the only way to live and exist eternally.  In God and through God alone.

To not do this is to cut oneself off from the very source that created it all and to quite literally commit a type of soul suicide.  This is not a suicide of the body (which at this level must die) but instead it is a suicide of the soul – which was designed to live for all eternity.

Therefore, we must give honor to God – not only is this wise – but it is the path to eternal life.

All my love!



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