By: Bradley Loves

It’s been a long journey. 

Over five years of writing (starting in the fall of 2014), and over 5,000 articles written.  That translates to approximately two and a half articles written every single day on average, and if days were skipped, then many more to make up for it.

Every single article written, is like a miniture creation of love.  A sketch or a painting if you will, and certainly something that took a lot of time and great care to create.

Each article was intended to “teach” something.   Not just to inform, but to teach, to nudge, and to get people to remember important things that they’d forgotten.  I never intended this project to be for me at all. 

It was always intended to be for “you” – and about “you”.

People may ask just how it is that I can know all of this stuff so well, and how I could possibly keep writing day after day and always have new things to say and even though it may be quite unbelieveable, the truth of it is simple really.

It is not really “me” doing it!

Sure, I am the conduit.  My fingers are doing the typing on the keyboard, and it is my blog that the words are appearing on.  But it is the “spirit” of GOD – who is the TRUTH of all things – that is coming through me, and it is almost always HIS thoughts being placed upon the page.

My task is to simply get out of the way!

The more I get out of the way – the quicker and faster my fingers move – and the clearer and better the thoughts come pouring out.   So how can I really take credit for all of this writing?

I’ve said all along that TRUTH IS SIMPLE.   

It is not difficult or dangerous to try to comprehend.  All you need is an open mind, eyes to see, and ears to hear. Trust, faith, love, compassion, kindness are ALL needed as well in order to see clearly and to hear properly. 

Happy 4th of July

Today, we in America celebrate our Independence.   

It is our FREEDOM DAY!


Regardless of what you’ve heard or been told, there are far worse things than mere slavery of the body.  Those far worse things are slavery of the “spirit” and slavery of the “mind”.

Everything happens on the higher levels first, and so if you have no FREEDOM in your spirit, and no freedom in your thoughts, then it is mathematically certain that you will soon be enslaved on the level of the physical as well.

America has survived for so long because of our core FREEDOMS, one of which is the freedom of speech and the freedom of thought!   We are not China, and we are not Russia.

We are Americans – and up until only a short while ago – BANNING, CENSORING, HIDING, and BURNING truthful information would have been thought of as impossible in this country of the free and home of the brave.

But now as 2020 passes the halfway mark, we realize that we are quickly approching a time of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION!   A time when truth is not only being unappreciated and scorned, but it is actively being stomped out!

Thus what George Orwell wrote only decades ago – has now become a sad fact of life.

Telling the truth – something as simple as words that describe an event accurately, has become a revolutionary act!   

It is now something that people can be punished for!

And if you’ve looked out the window lately, we are sadly seeing that good men and women – decent men and women are being scorned, shamed, ridiculed, and yes EVEN BEATEN AND KILLED for doing something as simple as telling the truth!

One of my readers placed a great comment in the comment section and said thank you – you’ve prepared us well.  All I can do is say that it was not really me, but the LOVE OF CHRIST that wanted this message to get out to the world and to prepare everyone properly.

You were prepared because of important series like this one:


…where you were all given the “cliff notes version” of how the GREAT CON really works.

The information I put in there is not new – and certainly was not difficult to understand, merely hidden and forgotten.  You simply needed a refresher course to nudge you back to where you could see it happening in front of you once again.

So as you celebrate your July 4th, where ever you are in the world, remember to celebrate YOUR FREEDOM!  

Freedom is the most important thing you can ever have, and it can only stay as long as you insist upon it and never let it die.  If you consent to letting it go – then it will be taken from you as easily as a puff of smoke rising into the air.


Here is a clue:

I will leave you with this thought.    Truth and Freedom go together.  You can not have one without the other, because they are made of the same cloth.  If you wish to get scientific about it – they are of the same vibration or frequency.  They are “harmonic” with each other.

Deception can never resonate properly with FREEDOM, because it is of a lower and more distorted frequency.  Furthermore, SECRECY can never really resonate with FREEDOM, because it is very close to the vibration and frequency of Deception.

In the end, the only true way forward is into the light, into love, into truth, and then into true and real FREEDOM!


All you had to do was to “remember that”.

All my love…


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