By: Bradley Loves


I’m feeling generous today, and so I’ve decided to teach a little bit about GRAVITY.

This is a bit of a treat for those who pay attention to my blog every day.



What most people think of as “gravity”, has far less to do with magnetic pull.., and far MORE to do with DENSITY!


Let that sink in just a little bit for a moment.

I’ve mentioned this before, but would like to expand on this slightly.

A hot air ballon will rise, because the air inside the ballon is super heated and therefore is “less dense” than the outside air that is surrounding the balloon.

Therefore, the ballon simply “falls upward”.

It falls upward until it reaches it’s own density!

Now here is a mind bending question:

“When will a rock “fall upward”?


The simple answer is that a rock will “fall upward” when all of the material around it is far more dense than the rock itself!

So, in real terms, if you wish to “make” a rock fall upward, then all you need to do is to CHANGE the rocks density, or the density of the surrounding material.

You do this by using HARMONICS.

Sound is the driving force of the UNIVERSE, (as I’ve pointed out many times now) and as such, is the creative force behind ALL OF IT.

The “Ancients” knew this of course, and so when the Great Pyramids of Giza were built (not by the Egyptians I might add) it was quite a simple task to do it.

(So much for the fairy tale of 100,000 slaves pulling each block!)

Through the use of sound, it is perfectly possible to CHANGE the density of any material, (including rocks) thus forcing them to “fall upward”.

Even rocks that weigh as much as 100 tons can suddenly be less dense than the air around them.

In order to get a ROCK to float even just a little bit, all you have to do is to change the density of the air immediately around the rock, thus creating an effect called: BUOYANCY.

By creating super dense air immediately around the rock, and a far less dense rock, the rock “lifts up” as if being carried by water.

At this point, anyone (even a child) can push the rock, as if it were simply floating down a stream.

All of this is achieved through the science of SOUND and HARMONICS.

The science of ANTI-GRAVITICS is actually a mis-label, because what we are really talking about here in our attempts to change Gravity is not really “anti-anything”.

We are not “CHANGING GRAVITY”, instead we are changing DENSITY.



In order to get a “flying saucer” to float in the air…, there is a specific “wave” that is being created by the craft, which makes the AIR around the craft MORE DENSE than the craft itself.

Thus, the craft simply “falls upward” slightly and rides on the far denser air around it in much the same way that a log floats on a stream.

The creation of these “waves” is what the crafts “engines” are all about.

In order to get the craft to “fall upwards” very quickly, you not only “change” the density of the air around the craft, but you also change the specific density of the craft itself.

Once again, this is done through a process of creating specific “waves” that will allow for this to occur.

Ultimately it always comes back to HARMONICS and SOUND!

There really are NO MORE SECRETS when people finally start to understand what Gravity is…, and what Gravity is not.

(No University in the entire world will teach you what I just shared with you today!    –   Your Welcome!     This is the BIG “SECRET” kept hidden under the rug by the way.)


Thus, in order to get objects to “float”…, you simply change their density, or the density of the air around them, and just like “MAGIC” they “fall upward”.


I hope this clears a few things up for you “Scientists out there” who might need some help!

Oh…, and to the New World Order who just love keeping secrets from everyone else…, have a NICE DAY!


All my love to my readers

(See what you can learn if you just tune it once in awhile)

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