By: Bradley Loves


Thank you for adding your thoughts to the last post!   All are appreciated.   Bernie D. added a video done by Gregg Braddon.  It is a very honest and interesting look at how things really are!  In fact, if you read some of the more technical posts on my blog you would see that I have said the exact same thing!

In fact…, I could have written that video!   I know the subject that well.

At the very end of the video…, it gets out of whack because it gives us a huge build up about the science of how things occur…, and then immediately IGNORES what it just said was the truth!  It does this by refusing to take into account of the “technology” that has been deployed against all of us which in fact is electrical and magnetic!

All of this tech is designed specifically to have a severe counter balancing affect to what we could be doing right now with our hearts if we were all just being left alone and there was no such thing as:  SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw how great the video was in the beginning and how badly it ended.

“Z” posted an interesting comment, which asked an honest question and seems to make sense right up until the point where you KNOW…, everything that I KNOW…, and then that question is answered perfectly, and what I am doing with this blog makes total sense.

You see…, the sad thing here is that I can’t just take out my  brain (with everything that I know) and hand it over to all of you!

If I could do that…, things would make total sense, and then you’d SEE IT ALL!

This is why telepathy was “destroyed” through genetic engineering by those who wanted to ENSLAVE human beings.

I could SHOW YOU so much more by telepathy and far more quickly.   I could write on this blog until my fingers bleed…, and only a few subjects will have been addressed in a life time.

Sometimes it takes thousands of written words just to adequately describe a simple concept that one second of telepathy could convey.

Our genetics were INJURED for a reason.  So that we could not adequately communicate with each other!

Now…, GOD our LOVING FATHER…, did not do this to us!     This is what the idiot Luciferians just can’t seem to get through their thick skulls.  They “blame” GOD for what “Alien Interlopers” have done to our genetics.

What’s worse is that they take technologies and marching orders from these blasted aliens and then plot and scheme against GOD and against anyone who loves GOD…, when they have no idea who or what GOD actually is.

Earth is in a real mess!

The video that Bernie posted is really great information – all of which I  am aware.  It changes nothing that I’ve written however, nor any of the warnings that I am sending out because:


I know about the technological WEAPONS that have been deployed against all of us just so that what the video suggests that we do becomes very difficult for the average man or woman.

Thank you everyone for your comments and participation…



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