The real enemy of the people is dishonesty!  The real enemy of the people is secrecy!  The real enemy of the people is lying and deceit, and this has always been the problem!

Every single difficulty that we are facing here on Earth at this time can be traced back to these things!

The Luciferian Cabal/Khazarian Mafia only got as powerful as they did after centuries of secrecy, lying, and grand deception on a level that is so massive, it can’t properly be quantified.

Over the last 70 or 80 years, the “corporate governments” of the world (with America leading the way) have become the biggest liars, story tellers, fabricators of fiction, and purveyors of deceit that the UNIVERSE has ever seen.

And this is really saying something.   I’m not talking about just our Solar System or even our Galaxy, but I am saying that the entire Universe has never seen this level of deception before! 

And by way – GOD HIMSELF has taken notice of this!

The truth is that America literally has ARMIES of civilian and military men and women – hundreds of thousands of Agents and Agency members (beyond the scope of your wildest imaginations) and countless governmental employees whose only job description is to figure out ways to HIDE THE TRUTH from We the People and lie to us.

There are young people (as we speak) that are being trained with your money on exactly how to LIE to you, how to keep the TRUTH from you, and how to mislead you!  This is PURE EVIL and it has got to stop!


This SIN and this CRIME against We the People has now developed into a malignant tumor that is so large, it threatens to kill off all of humanity if it is not cut out fully and wholly and quickly thrown into the trash.

Humanity can not and will not survive this CANCER OF LIES/SECRECY/DECEPTION much longer.

We are at a decisive moment in our battle against evil where everyone (on their own) has got to decide which side of the battle they are on!  There are only two sides in this epic war for humanity:


If anyone is still telling lies, keeping secrets, and still deceiving We the People at this late stage of the GAME – then those people are on the SIDE OF EVIL – I don’t care what color “hat” you claim to be wearing.

There is no other way to say it and there is no other way to write it.

I said this very thing in my last podcast.  Anywhere that the militaries of the world (or the governments of the world) “create” a safe space for secrecy, lies, and deceit to exist – then THAT is the space that the dark magicians, the Luciferians, the Deep State, and the Cabal will RUN to in order to hide what they are doing as well.  This is especially true in the Corporate Court Systems/Legal Systems – and in three letter agencies.

You can’t fight pure evil with more pure evil – it is both stupid and absurd to think like this.

The people who THINK that they are on the side of good (The White Hats) that are using tactics and methods which were INVENTED by and for men who seek to do only evil – are apparently CONFUSED about what goodness and what love really are – and are also confused about how to get the rest of us there from a place of darkness.



You attain love and you attain goodness by doing loving and good things!   And if not loving and good at the very beginning – then the very LEAST you can do is what is RIGHTEOUS!

You can not attain the frequency of love or goodness by employing the unholy tactics and methods of the darkness and basically perpetrating the exact SAME CRIMES of deception that the darkness are perpetrating upon all of humanity every single day, because these “tactics” are unholy and unrighteous!

What the White Hats do not seem to understand is that there is such a thing as RIGHTEOUS ANGER!  

We the People are being deprived of our righteous anger by their continued lies and continued desire for total secrecy – and We the People are being deprived of our righteous indignation over what has been done to us by Corporations for decades if not for centuries.

It appears as if The White Hats are very literally standing in the way of our healing and of our process of awakening by continuing to hide, lie about, and keep secret so many things that would in fact WAKE THE PEOPLE UP – if only they knew about these things.

What they appear to be trying to do – at every single step – is to attempt to micro-manage the revelations process that we all must go through in order to wake up and to heal properly.

They appear to want to slowly drip out the truth that all of the people of the world have been tormented – tortured – enslaved – robbed from – pillaged – and murdered over their entire lifetime – in a single grand attempt to manage it all from a central point.

This is not an ORGANIC AWAKENING – but instead it is a contrived, a managed, and wholly steered awakening that leaves millions of dark people and dirty players (cancer cells) still living in the body while denying those who were hurt and damaged the very most by these dirty and evil players – the remedy, the restitution, and the restoration they DESERVE!

Furthermore, they appear to be making the absurd claim that THEY are the justice – and that THEY are the sole purveyors how this all goes down for the entire world because they have predetermined that certain “people” (ones whom they have chosen) deserve to survive and deserve to continue even though they are some of the biggest killers and biggest criminals that the world has ever seen.

It is We the People who have been DAMAGED!   It is We the People who deserve to experience Justice.  It is We the People who deserve to be given remedy and restored for decades of illegal and unconstitutional torture!

It is We the People who have been severely and extremely damaged over the last several decades and even centuries!  It is We the People who have been lied to and conned by Banks and Figures of Authority for purposes of profit and evil. 

It is We the People who have experienced every single trespass and every single harm that was done to us by the Luciferian Money Lenders, the three letter Agencies, the Media, Rogue Law Enforcement, the Judges, the Lawyers, the Doctors, the CEO’s, and also by the complete and utter fabrications of deceit that have been forced upon us by the Corporate Governments all around the world.

They have all committed GROSS FRAUD!   They have been committing FRAUD here in America since 1871 when the actual government went corporate and did not tell anyone about that!


It seems that at this late stage of the Game, the White Hats are standing in the way and appear to be running interference by trying cover up much of the evil to somehow lessen it and make it more palatable if it drips out very slowly over the course of many long years.

It is almost as if they are trying to STARVE the people, BANKRUPT the people, and WEAR DOWN the people first – before handing them any truth of actual significance.

I honestly can not say just how evil this type of tactic and plan is (if this is what they are attempting to do) – nor can I tell you how God Himself will respond to it. 

What I can tell you is that I myself will “testify” to it and against it – and make certain that those who continue to engage in what God has declared and decreed to be EVIL(Secrecy, lies, deception, and trickery) – will be held to account for what they do – because what they are doing is causing EVEN MORE DAMAGE AND MORE HARM.

At times, it appears as if they are trying to “save” millions and millions of really evil people who have lied, cheated, scammed, conned, perpetrated, deceived, fooled, tricked, and PROFITED off of the wholly evil system (Beast System) that was designed to enslave and to pillage the average human being living here on Earth while making money off of their lives at every single turn and even profiting from their deaths!

They seem to think that because these people wear suits and ties, that they are less offensive to God and less criminal than all of the others who do not dress as well. 

Here is a hint:  God does not think like this.

Those Bankers and Lawyers and Judges who PROFITED off of the “ALL CAPS NAME” fraud – where living and breathing men and women were used as Chattel Property (treated as mere slaves on paper) and used to back the value of bonds and money -must PAY dearly for these crimes.

These are crimes that caused REAL HARM and REAL DAMAGE in the world and God saw all of it.

Yet, the jails are still filled with men and women who had a bag of marijuana in their pocket and who did no real harm or damage to anyone else. 

I can tell you very honestly that God (and the Holy Spirit) are livid with this type and this kind of fake justice.  And anyone that is claiming to be a White Hat had better get clear in their heads about what is EVIL and what is NOT EVIL and then act accordingly.

I am not the only one who thinks that the lies and the deceit have gone way too far at this point in time. 

Kerry Cassidy has basically said the same thing and it is very telling because both of us are coming at this problem from a much higher level of frequency and vibration. We are seeing things the way that GOD/SOURCE wants them to be seen.

In other words, we both understand what “good” really is – and how to get the rest of the people there from out of the darkness.

It is absurd for TRUMP TO DO A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about how he will stop censorship and in the SAME VIDEO SPEECH tell People “when I am inaugurated…”. And “when I am President” …since he is already PRESIDENT AND CIC as we well know… he is lying …in essence censoring himself in a speech about censorship… THE WHITE HATS NEED TO BE CLEAR and stop LYING to the AMERICAN people. REMOVE BIDEN AND TELL THE TRUTH that Trump is President …HE Never stepped down… the military in a ceremony re affirmed him as COMMANDER IN CHIEF in March 2021… Which means THE MILITARY ARE IN CHARGE….AND STOP THIS STUPID DECEPTION NOW. etc etc etc

Kerry Cassidy

I’ve said enough – I will say no more for now!   Please take these words under advisement for now.

To everyone who stands on the side of good and stands on the side of God…

All my love


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