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Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts says what is going on in the economy is going to come to an end after the Presidential Election no matter who is in the White House. Fitts explains, “I think we have to face it. We are in trouble now. Is it going to get a lot worse after the 2020 election? Absolutely. When Trump came in, he may not have realized how bad it was.   What he’s tried to do is grow out of this. He has basically gone full-on fiscal stimulus and tax reduction to try to grow his way out of the problem. It’s not working, and one of the reasons it’s not working is he is discovering the model in Washington is everybody is on the take. Nobody is interested in building up the whole. I think what Trump is saying is if you don’t make the pie bigger, we are all going to starve.”

Fitts says we also face multiple risks such as “Inflation that is averaging 10% nationally.” The cost of money is another big risk as the “the little guy has a credit card charging 17%, and big banks can borrow from the Fed at 2%.” Another risk is “healthcare freedom.” Even the quality of the food you eat is a growing risk because of deregulation voted in by Congress. Finally, there is risk of conflict both domestically and abroad. Will the U.S. dollar maintain its role as the reserve currency? Fitts has long said, “That is a military question.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of “The Solari Report,” in Part #1 of this must see interview.


Investment advisor and Former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts says forget about the notion of a coming economic meltdown, we are already living in an unfolding financial calamity, now. Fitts explains, “The likely financial calamity is an acceleration of the ‘slow burn.’ It’s not that the stock or bond market comes apart. It is that the stock and bond market continue to be subsidized by liquidating all sorts of people, animals and living resources. In other words, we are liquidating all of life. To engineer central control, we are levering up the debt, and we are liquidating people and countries and things to basically keep that game going while somebody is walking off with tremendous amounts of money that they used to engineer central control. So, we have had an ongoing calamity since the mid 1990’s–serious financial calamity. If you are the people of Libya, you have already had your financial calamity. Calamity is not a big bang that we all experience together. We almost got ours in 2008 and 2009. Calamity is an ongoing process. Some are composted so others can live.”

Fitts also points out all the debt, including the $21 trillion “missing” money from the DOD and HUD. Add the missing money to the $22 trillion and you’ve got more than $43 trillion, and that is what we know about for certain. Fitts says everybody needs to be in on the economic fix of the debt system. Fitts contends, “We can’t sit around eating popcorn and wait for Donald Trump to fix it. We have to get into the trenches and fix it ourselves. We have the power to do it. If you look at your statistics, a lot of people have stopped watching CNN and started watching That is real power. . . . Why does anybody watch CNN?”

Fitts says, “We have now defined politics as entertainment. Every voter and every person is missing $65,000 from the ‘missing’ money ($21 trillion). Then there is $75,000 for each person for the bailouts and your ‘missing’ money, and you’ve got $140,000 per person. You are on the hook for that and probably another $50,000 in the next couple of years.  If you are on the hook for $150,000 and maybe another $200,000 total, that is $350,000. So, add that up for every family, and no wonder they want to play divide and conquer.”

Fitts also gives her opinion about what is going to happen with all the big legal cases that Attorney General William Bar is handling. Fitts thinks it will not be a very transparent outcome for “We the People.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the Publisher of “The Solari Report,” Catherine Austin Fitts, in Part #2 of this interview.












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