The President of France is basically a huge and total IDIOT!  

He is 100 percent in the bag for the NEW WORLD ORDER and needs to go  back to Kindergarten to learn how the world really works! ~ Bradley

Greg Hunter is more generous in his assessment of Macron, but not much!


I’ve made it a personal policy never to listen to people who are DUMBER than I am when it comes to world affairs!

Macron (at only 40 years old) still has at lot to LEARN, and has no clue what is really going on in the world!

I would encourage him to use the next 20 years of his life (since 40 is the age where I started to learn quite clearly about the LUCIFERIAN and the SATANIC AGEND) to educate himself on some important “things that matter”.

The only Western President that is LESS intelligent than Macron (at this time) and even MORE in the bag for the New World Order is Justin Trudeau!

Another mere child who ALSO needs to go back to Kindergarten and relearn some essential things!

Justin et Brian Gallant, le chef du Parti libéral du nouveau-Brunswick, font un arrêt dans un Tim Hortons à Moncton 23 août 2014.

Do you think their “youth” and total inexperience at just about everything in life is something the Satanists were hoping to cash in on with the very gullible snowflakes and millenials around the world?

You decide!

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