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Gucci knows EXACTLY who buys their products!

So much so, that they have filled their new “CATALOGE” with Ancient Occult Symbols, and Arcane Magical Geometry, and Items.

All forms of “pretense” have been thrown out the window in this catalogue it seems, and the GRAND UNVEILING of “those who are with us” and “those who are against us” has begun in earnest for the DARK CABAL.

This is basically an “IN YOUR FACE DUMB COMMONER” slam to the people who do not have enough money to buy Gucci Products, as well as a slam to those who do not actively “practice” the Ancient Occult Religions/Magical Rites of the Elites.

For Gucci to produce a “Catalogue” like this one shows just how deeply connected to the hidden OCCULT the entire company really is.

Please see this article for the entire story:

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17

(Note: If you are at a Starbucks Coffee, THE VIGILANT CITIZEN website has been labeled “unsafe” and you may not be able to view the link.  Which just goes to show whose side STARBUCKS is on.)


The luxury brand Gucci released a gift catalog named “Hand of the Mysteries”.

It mixes ancient occult symbolism with a modern agenda which manages to convey the occult elite’s state of mind in a very effective way.

Note: Click on All images to enlarge.

The main image of the catalog is an alchemy cabinet filled with objects and symbols VC readers are sure to recognize. The entire thing plays on the concept of duality with hints of Monarch programming. Aside from the countless all-seeing eyes, there’s a Monarch butterfly, a video camera (MK slaves are always monitored) and a plethora of other items used in witchcraft and occult rituals.

The catalog states: “A man and woman, signifying the Great Hermaphrodite wears a sweatshirt with the vintage Gucci logo and a Double G necklace. Alchemists believed that when opposite forces (such as a man and woman) are harmonized, creation could be achieved.” This is exactly what I stated in my article about Bruce Jenner and the entire “gender blurring” thing happening now.

On this Gucci t-shirt, a girl is wearing a t-shirt on which the same girl is apparently dead from suffocation as an eye watches over her (while holding a smartphone).

This image is a reproduction of the Hand of the Mysteries … with cat (Beta kitten/Sex Slave?) bracelet.

An ancient occult illustration depicting the Hand of the Mysteries (also known as the Hand of the Master Mason).

Please go to Vigilent Citizen for the rest of the images:

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/17



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