By: Bradley Loves


Sometime within the next several days…, I will be posting a long article written by “a friend” who has had his mind/brain completely hacked by Directed Energy Weapons and his life nearly destroyed.

I have always told my readers that I personally know people who have been victims of “Secrect Government Technology” that uses either Micro or Scalar Waves along with electro-magnetic interference on a micro-scopic level that intensely interferes with a persons brain and central nervous system.

The courageous person who has written this account has a sad story to tell & I will be posting it soon.

For the “New Agers” who are going to automatically default to the idea that this person had bad Karma and must deserve this…, I want you to know that he prayed & meditated daily…, and was a follower of Paramahansa Yogananda.

There was no reason for this type of directed attack upon him except that he was a supremely “spiritual” person…, and THAT ALONE was the reason for the attack!

This is something that the Blogger “Cobra” mentioned when he said that Directed Energy Weapons were now being turned on innocent civilians and very spiritual people!

He also said that anyone caught using such a device would be killed ON THE SPOT…, (By what he calls The Resistance) and I have to tell you honestly after hearing about the extremely difficult hardships and suffering of so many people who go through this type of thing…, the ones who are doing this DESERVE TO BE KILLED IMMEDIATELY!

I wanted to give you a heads up even though the piece is not ready to be published yet.   Please keep checking back because it is something everyone needs to read.

All my love…

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