By: Bradley Loves


For those of you who are wondering…

NO, sanity has not left every single human being still living on the planet!  (It is just being made to look like that by the MEDIA!)


The stark and undeniable dividing line between sanity and IN-sanity is whether or not you can THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Q-Anon has said that what is really happening in America – as a result of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA –  is something called:



Group Think is a condition where men and women “latch onto” their mind-set or their opinions based upon WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS THINKING.

In other words, there is no “individual thought”…, or “individual effort” placed into trying to come up with CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to difficult problems, instead you just go along with what the majority “thinks”.  (Even if it is WRONG).

GROUP THINK is an early warning sign of the forming of a HIVE MIND mentality.



GROUP THINK is also an early warning sign of an A.I. “Infiltration” into our collective consciousness!


Ultimately GROUP THINK is all about CONTROL!

It is far easier to control an entire civilization or a planetary species IF that civilization or species already has a “hived mind” or is very susceptible to GROUP THINK.

Tyrannical Leaders, Despots, Criminal Gangsters and the like absolutely LOVE this kind of condition.

Those who have a life “goal” of controlling others will always seek to install some sort of HIVE MIND condition into the population that they are trying to control!

Well let’s review what I just wrote yesterday…, shall we…

Slavery always start out in the sutblest of ways!

Giving up the “right” to THINK for yourself – is always the very FIRST STEP toward your own enslavement!

You may believe that by allowing others to do your thinking for you…, and by just handing them all of the enormous power of GOVERNMENT – you are doing the very best that you can do…, but you’d be WRONG!

Abdicating your FREEWILL, abdicating your FREE SPEECH, and abdicating your GOD given right to THINK FOR YOURSELF “leads” you directly down the path to slavery!


In the four long years that I have writing this BLOG, I have always done my best to write the TRUTH!

The reason that I have been most fortunate in being able to do so is that I never “gave in” to GROUP THINK!

Each day is a brand new day, and each brand new day requires that we RE-ASSESS everything that we think we know – and everything we have ever been “told”.

Giving in to “group think” is easy!  It is the LAZY man’s way of dealing with daily life and the world!

It requires very little effort!

The trouble with GROUP THINK here on planet Earth is that it is not “natural” GROUP THINK!  Instead, it is a completely controlled phenomenon that is closely related to the DARK MAGICIANS and their insidious attempts at MIND CONTROL.

The GROUP THINK we have today is a very “unnatural” and “forced” effort at creating a HIVE MIND MENTALITY through the constant use of FAKE NEWS and PROPAGANDA!

This came to America as a “gift” from the NAZI’S!

Gobbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda said that the STATE must “supervise” the formation of public opinion!

In other words…, HERE are the “thoughts” you are allowed to have…, and THERE are the “thoughts” you are NOT allowed to have….




Gobbels, (just like most of the American Main Stream Media) saw no “problem” with LYING or using DECEPTION to achieve the goals of formulating certain Public Opinions.

In other words if telling “untruths” leads you to your goal…, then by all means… TELL THEM!

But Gobbels was not the only one who thought like this.

Albert Pike and the Freemasons ALSO believed in this idea whole-heartedly.  They (the Freemasons) not only thought it was necessary to LIE to and DECEIVE the public, but that it was IMPERATIVE!


The real question we are faced with today is to what degree has Freemasonary “infected” our world – and how serious has the LYING and the DECEPTION disease become?

Well if you watch the Main Stream Media here in America….

You’ll have your answer!

So HOW THEN does one find their way and learn of the information that will help keep them FREE from SLAVERY?

You must SHUN “GROUP THINK as if it is a very dangerous DISEASE!

The Democrats are barfing up “Group Think” all over the Media and getting Social Justice Warriors to do strange and horrible things in the real world.

According to Maxine Waters, Americans now NEED to attack other Americans for simply having a different opinion and for not following their GROUP THINK!

A Florida man said he was punched in the face and dragged 30 feet with his arm trapped in a car by a man who was angry over the fact he had a Trump flag in his front yard.


In other acts of Group Think:

Breitbart’s John Nolte has compiled a list of “91 acts of media-approved violence and harassment against Trump supporters.”

They include a teenager who was assaulted and had a drink thrown in his face at a Whataburger in San Antonio for wearing a MAGA hat, which the culprit subsequently stole.

Last week, a Berkeley man was charged with making death threats against Rand Paul and his family, vowing to chop up the Kentucky Senator’s children with an axe.


Group Think has in fact very quickly degenerated into MOB MENTALITY!

It very quickly goes from “everyone must think like us” into massive rioting in the streets and violence!


This is enough for now…, but MORE will be coming!

All my love…..












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