We must insist on that freedom every single day – or, because of a handful of really evil people – we will lose it.

Insisting on Freedom comes at a heavy cost – it costs in terms of hard work, dedication, and lots of writing in order to wake up the sleeping masses.  So even blogs like LOVE TRUTH SITE have got to start generating an income, or there will simply be no more blog.

With that in mind a “SUBSCRIPTION” portion has been created for LOVE TRUTH SITE where some of my most important Articles and Series are being transformed as we speak into AUDIO – BOOKS that can be listened to while you are driving in your car on the way to work or school, or while sitting alone in your office.

These are VERY HIGH QUALITY AUDIOS – and have expert narration as well as background musical effects.  I highly recommend listening to them.

With help from some of my best supporters, a number of articles have already been turned into Audio-books.  In addition to these – some video interviews that I have already done – and others that I will soon do in the future will be uploaded here so that you can view them.

You can also find my book “SCIENCE MARRIES SPIRIT” here for sale – as well as some of the other books that are already for sale on Apple I-Tunes will be posted here in the coming months.

I am setting this up as a monthly subscription arrangement so that LOVE TRUTH SITE will generate a monthly flow of abundant energetic support.  In the meantime – as a monthly subscriber – you will get a private log in and password sent to you in your e-mail so that you can access the more private portion of the blog where all of the AUDIO-BOOKS are kept – and you can listen to them again and again as many times as you want – and share them with your family and friends.

In this way, you will be helping to support the on-going BATTLE being waged to bring TRUTH back to the people.

If you are a regular reader here at LOVE TRUTH – and you really want to help support this work – then please Subscribe today and help us to keep going through these extraordinary times of Universal Deceit.

You can find detailed HOW TO SUBSCRIBE instructions in the drop down menu in the header above where it says: READY NOW -AUDIO BOOK SHOP!

All my love…



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