By: Bradley Loves

I have to admit it.  Even I get depressed sometimes when I read about what is happening in the world everyday.

The ongoing saga in Syria.  The Russian plane…, the idiocy of the Turkish President, the Paris (False Flag) attacks…, and on and on it goes.

It is not that I’m  a “pessimist” and think that it can’t get better…, it’s just that with ALL of the information out there, and at ones finger tips…, I KNOW that it COULD have gotten better long ago!

It all goes back to the idea that “we” as a collective need to take positive and proper action in order to bring about a better future for all of us.

Mark Passio lays it all out in his new age Bullshit video…, a 6 hour video that I posted in this article HERE, and then actually begged people to watch it.

Jean posted the very same article on her site…, as a guest article, and I was appalled to read “some” of the comments at the bottom of the post on her site.

The loudest and longest winded detractors to what I wrote in that piece…, specifically used as their “ARGUMENTS” exactly the material that MARK PASSIO talked about in the very two videos that I posted IN THE ARTICLE!

Which means that “before” watching the video’s that I suggested watching…, one that is 6 hours long…, and the other one 2 hours long…., ( a Full 8 hours of education )… some of the commenters went on to “disagree” with what I wrote based on the very errors in thinking and understanding that were microscopically explained and talked about in the two videos posted in THAT SAME ARTICLE! 

Which means that they could not have possibly even watched them before they proceeded to comment.

All I can say is that “female” tribal leader in the movie AVATAR was right when she said this:


How can any learning ever take place if every person who reads articles and posts thinks they ALREADY have a complete and total grasp on what is happening?

Why even read an article or a post…, if you see your job as to CORRECT the writer for what was written?

This has sadly started to happen more and more in the last few decades as the NEW AGE has spawned more and more channelers and channeled information which people have taken into their minds, not just as one “possible” way to see things…, but instead as GOSPEL…, and something that can not EVER be argued with…, because it ostensibly came from “SPIRIT”.

But which spirit…, and where…, and ARE YOU SURE…, the one who is saying it is telling the TRUTH?

What “we” have done…, is to exchange one “set” of dogmatic beliefs and understandings that were given to us by RELIGION, for another set given to us by invisible channeled entities!   And in the history of RELIGION…, there was a time when the dogma and understandings could not even be QUESTIONED.

So now…, when there are those of us who “question” what is being said by those “entities” who give us our weekly dose of   (this is how it is…, just like the priests used to do while standing on the Pulpit…,) we get immediately CORRECTED by those other minds sitting in the NEW AGE medicine circle…, who tell us that we should not think for ourselves…, but instead…, REFER back to what we have been “TOLD” by the entities being channeled.

How, pray tell, is this productive…, and why should I never use my eyes…, and use my ears to see and hear what is going on around me for myself…, and then use my mind to and body to take action to correct what I see?

(It’s all just an Illusion…, and NOTHING REALLY MATTERS is what some absurd minds post as an argument…..)

But as Mark Passio tells us…, this is actually a  SATANIC TEACHING…, not a NEW AGE ONE.

Well of course it’s Satanic…, because Helena Blavatsky…, and her “group”…, including: Saint Germaine…, El Morya, Dwal Khul…, etc.  all hung out with 33rd degree FREEMASONS!

Some of these out of body beings have been termed:  ASCENDED MASTERS…, but many of their “teachings” don’t add up…, and if looked into deeply…, include many Satanic Tenets as a core part of their teachings.

Why would I “give my power away” to an out of body entity (one who may have NEVER even lived on the Earth)…, and take every word said as GOSPEL…, and simply put blind faith in it is my question.

I have eyes…, I have ears…, and I can see what is happening around me.  I can see what needs to be done if only I will look.

Once again…, I suggest you watch the video’s in the above linked article.  I would love to hear what you have to say…, but please do me (and yourself) the courtesy of at least watching the videos before trying to dispute them in the comment section.

All my love!









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