By: Bradley Loves


New Years Prayer:

In the Year of 2018…

May we finally refuse to be lied to!

May we be ever vigilant, and carefully watch those who have LIED to us in the past.

May we always remember that those who lied us are STILL in power.

May we realize that until SECRECY is done away with completely and totally…, those who love power will always a find way to LORD it over the rest of us.

May we come to understand that “NEWS OF ARRESTS” and “NEWS OF A CABAL TAKEDOWN” is not necessarily actual “Arrests” and an actual “Cabal Takedown”.

May we finally come to understand that the GREATEST POWER a MAGICIAN has and uses daily is the power of ILLUSION.

May we understand that “illusion” is the power to control a human beings “perception” (what they think, and what they believe they are seeing).

May we come to understand that the FREEMASONS have not gone away!

May we all be so stubborn and so unmoveable that unless and until we SEE with our OWN EYES the TRUTH of what we are being “told”…, then we will all REFUSE to believe it.

May we finally come to realize that there is NO SUCH THING as a single issue or idea that the common man can not handle and therefore WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW ABOUT ALL OF IT!

May this New Years Prayer sink in and be your motto and mantra for all time.

Bradley Loves


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