By: Bradley Loves

The TRUTH (the real truth) is starting to come out!!

And boy…, is it HUGE! 

Far beyond anything that “they” (meaning the powers that be) ever wanted to have come out in their “version” of limited disclosure…, what is coming out now (IF IT GETS OUT TOTALLY) will bring down the entire world wide system…, it’s that big!

First off…, let me say that I took some time today to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade…, which was held in New York City as it always is.   In the short time that I watched…, I was able to count at least a few dozen “blatant” examples of “Occult Symbolism”, or “Free Masonic Symbolism”, hidden either on the floats, or on the people that were riding them…, much of which was “Satanic” in Nature!

It is funny how when you REALLY KNOW what to look for…, you can find the hidden symbols of these “secret societies and clubs” everywhere and in everything!

I will be writing one or two articles today talking about what I mean…, so get ready for the TRUTH!

If you want to get an “idea” of where I will be going…, then  here are two really good articles…, posted on Jean Haines website…, which I wrote two year ago!

Mark my words…, these posts will be PROVEN ACCURATE!  You will see…, and my blog will be VINDICATED as one of the most truthful blogs out there!

See both of these links for very important posts written two years ago:





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