By: Bradley Loves

People are not looking at the big picture!  They are giving up!  But they do not know what the REAL PROBLEM REALLY IS!!

Neon Revolt put this out today, basically telling everyone to CHILL and allow THE PLAN to go into full operation!

I agree with that!

If Q-Anon is really a TIME TRAVELING PROJECT – then we must assume that there really are people who are helping us FROM THE FUTURE!

Too many followers of Q – Anon and followers of Trump – are not seeing enough action and are not seeing the “promised” deliverance of our Nation from the BAD GUYS!

The problem is – THEY HAVE NEVER READ MY BLOG – and so – they have no idea just WHO the “bad guys” really are!

Every single thing I do is for a reason!

For instance, just yesterday, I posted this interview – and even though this guy is lying at least 30 to 40 percent of the time – there is a huge treasure trove of information there that you just can’t get anywhere else!

What he said about Jesus is wholly untrue for instance!



People are impatient because they do NOT understand the WAR we are currently fighting! 


Not only do I understand it – I know how to WIN IT

But – the Militaries of the entire world have become so dependent on – and so intertwined with the Aliens who are actually trying to TAKE EARTH AWAY FROM US – that they do not realize how they are being set up and conned!


We are getting HELP FROM THE FUTURE – because those who refused to listen to me – are reading what I wrote in the here and now – many years in the future after all of the really BAD THINGS have come to pass – and want to change what happened – due to their ignoring me – and make it right!


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