By: Bradley Loves


I am not the only person who noticed a total TURN AROUND for Mike Pompeo!!

This article from SOTT.NET, took notice as well.

But even deeper than what I talked about…, SOTT points out the only a year ago Pompeo was “quoting” Wiki-leaks on Twitter…, and defending it during the campaign!!

I highly recommed this piece as it gives you a clue that something very STRANGE has happened to Mike Pompeo.

If he has not been compromised…, could he be a CLONE?

Has the real Mike Pompeo gone the way of many of the other men who become high posted Washington Agency Heads.

Another possibility I am considering is a “complete” mental RE-BOOT using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence and/or Brain Implants.

This does not seem like the same guy!

Either he has been compromised by other men…, his MIND has been taken over.., OR…, he is now a CLONE.

So much for “draining” the SWAMP!!


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