By Bradley Loves


Has the Pope signed the “historic” agreement with an Imam in Abu Dhabi – only so that he can “change” the Corporate Structure of the Church – VOID all of the Catholic Churches current liabilities – file Corporate Bankruptcy on the old corportation – and then re-structure under a NEW CORPORATE MONIKER?

Pope Francis Signs Agreement with Imam, Heading Closer to One-World Religion


Is this honestly a move to bring the world “together” OR…, is it a DODGE to escape ALL of the accumulated LIABILITIES and MONIES OWED to countless living and breathing human beings still walking around on the Earth?


Is this “move” really about peace and love…, or is it about GRAND THEFT and making a very quick get away with the loot?

THIS is the single most important question a man or woman should be asking when such a GRAND re-structuring of the World’s Oldest Corporation is taking place.


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