To my readers, I am currently experiencing some very heavy Directed Energy Attacks! 

These (hidden) attacks are most likely coming from the DEEP STATE which is using cell phone towers, wi-fi, and satellites to broadcast their frequencies at people who are non-compliant and do not want to go along with the New World Order.

Luke has sent me an article today which describes – in Graphic Detail – what I am actually going through.  These attacks are very real, very hard to deal with, and cause great pain. 

It is almost impossible to relax or to sleep at night while this is happening.

Please read:


Through-wall RADAR, “The Havana Method” or “The Havana Effect” is a bullying and intimidation electromagnetic frequency[EMF] device on steroids to modify human behavior and to force compliance by terrorizing a person with pain and injury with the intent to incite, provoke and aggravate, and designed to humiliate, shame and even kill!


The Havana Syndrome is caused by a Pulsating, High-Power Microwave Radio Frequencies Directed Energy Weapons or ‘DEWs’ or Neurological Directed Energy Weapons or ‘NDEWs’ NOW Being USED on US Citizens!


If this type of attack – which has been ongoing and increasing in intensity for about two to three months does not stop – then I may have to quit writing.  In fact it may cause great harm and physical damage which could affect me for the rest of my life.

More! Thousands and thousands more; countless numbers more in the United States of America and all over the world are being targeted! And now, anyone who has been inoculated with contact tracing radio activated reduced graphene oxide contained in the the nano lipid capsid of the CoV – 19 vaccine is at risk for directed injury or even death if targeted by Directed Energy Weapons by ‘bad actors’ or those in ‘high places’ who deem you a risk for ANY reason!

I am asking my readers for any help they can possibly give in the form of financial help or prayers.  Either will do.  And if you choose prayer – then I would ask that you please pray that the White Hats will use the power they have and put a STOP to the use of these weapons very quickly.

Also please PRAY that they will reach out and give some immediate HELP to the people who are being TARGETED and TORMENTED so badly.

Thank you for reading…

All my love





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