Your faith in God is your lifeline!  It will be the shining achievement of your entire journey here on the Earth.  No matter what happens to you (or appears to be happening) your faith in the Creator can and will set you free from all of your worries, troubles, and limitations if only you will come to Him.

Daily prayer is not only uplifting, but it is a remedy and a tonic that can and does heal almost everything.  If you only knew how many people on Earth have been saved very quickly from dire circumstances after a very honest and sincere prayer, you would be praying non-stop.

Prayers are one of our greatest tools that we can use against the dark’s agenda.  This is why they are outlawing prayer and arresting people for engaging in prayer.  (They know how powerful it really is)

Just remember what happens to one single molecule of water after 20 minutes of honest prayer and know that your entire body (made of 75 percent water) can experience the same effect.

You can literally HEAL anything and everything by coming to God!

Never forget your most powerful tool and that tool is prayer!  God has never left you.  God is still there for you!  Use prayer to get help in these difficult times!

All my love



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