By: Bradley Loves

There is a much, much bigger problem than what I talked about in “Part One” of this series…,  that you can click on HERE and read first.

No one…, meaning NOT ONE of the so called “light workers” I have met have ever stopped to ask themselves some very important questions about how the Universe works…, and just how things actually get done “out there” in the COSMOS.

They are too ready to “listen to others”…, and so ready to take EVERY CHANNELED MESSAGE as the gospel truth…, that they do not try to THINK for themselves.

Many of them believe with all of their hearts that “we” are on the brink and the verge of some great ASCENSION…, some great movement toward the higher spheres of consciousness. They believe this so “blindly” that they do not stop to consider some of the most basic and common sense questions…, questions that IF ANSWERED, would show them the exact opposite of what they believe.

My purpose in writing this article, is to help you by ASKING the very questions that any balanced mind would think to ask, if it were not SO BUSY taking advice from channeled entities.

The questions are simple…, but so far reaching in their scope…, that most of the “kool-aid” drinkers will revolt against them…, and yet…, they are only questions.

To be fair…, I am going to have to cover a lot of material here in this post…, so I ask that you be patient and try to keep up.

The first question is this:

Why would any group of “advanced beings”, ET’s, or Ascended Masters just give to or “grant” the greater part of humanity “free passage” into the HIGHER REALMS if the realm where we are now…, that we are currently inhabiting, has almost been destroyed?

Here’s an analogy:

Think of a group of “renters” who have been living in a rented house for years…, and have all but destroyed it through abuse and neglect!  Is it logical to think or to believe that the very same “owner” of a much better house would just happily “move” these “bad renters” into one of his far nicer properties as a gift?


That’s all I’m asking here. Forget about faith and hope and channeled messages for a minute and just answer this question out of pure logic.

Is it not far more logical to assume that a being or group of advanced beings would take into account the LACK OF CARE that the “renters” gave to their last home in deciding what type of home they would be moved to next?

Let’s put this in terms of the HIGHER VIBRATIONS of a very loving realm.  A place where almost all of the light-workers and New Agers on Earth today CLAIM they would love to go to.

If millions of humans living here on the Earth as we speak can not find it in their hearts to defend little helpless children…, and do everything they can to put an end to SATANIC WORSHIP, RAPE, CHILD SACRIFICE and PEDOPHILIA…,

activities which have been PROVEN to have very detrimental affects “vibrationally” upon the surrounding magnetic and mopho-genic fields…, then why would those same people (people who claim to be “good” and claim to be “light workers”) be rewarded with a much higher realm to live in.

Could the argument be made that because these men and women DID NOT LEARN to defend and take care of the lower realm they were living in…, that the very same thing could eventually happen in the HIGHER REALM?

Let’s look at an analogy:

If a child has not learned to take care of a very special toy…, why would any wise parent give that child an even MORE special toy?

Would it not be more prudent on that wise parents part to wait and MAKE CERTAIN that the very toys that child already has, are well cared for BEFORE a better and more expensive toy is granted, or gifted???

Am I the ONLY person that thinks like this?

Could the argument be made that because the men and women of EARTH have NOT truly learned to defend the defenseless children of their own realm and world…, that they would NOT BE GIVEN or granted an even better or higher world UNTIL that lesson was learned?

Other analogy:

If you were a teacher in school…, would YOU PASS, a child who had answered almost all of the questions incorrectly? Or…, would you think more study is necessary?

WHAT WOULD YOU PERSONALLY DO (Please don’t go running to your local channel to ask their advice!)

To be fair…, I already KNOW what most light workers think…, and WHY they think it, so let me put it into words.

Their belief is this!

The ONLY LESSON they are convinced (have been TOLD) that they need to learn here on EARTH is to forgive and overlook every evil that is done here…, and thus, they then magically they move on, because they have “earned” that right due to the level of their forgiveness.

This is the truth of why almost NOTHING is getting done to put a stop to all of the BASE EVIL that we see happening on the EARTH today.

Much of this comes from a very special book written for the first time in the 1970’s called: A COURSE IN MIRACLES

I have read the entire “Course in Miracles” 3 times from cover to cover!

HERE is a history of what, why, when and where from their own web page…, of how the COURSE came to be. Notice the dates!  It was the 1970’s!  It was written after Teleportation and Time Travel had already become common place inside the secret military!

It is purported to have been CHANNELED…, directly to female psychiatrist/psychologist in New York who took “transcription” of the entire message which came from none other than JESUS himself.

The “gist” of the entire message of the COURSE…, is that you must FORGIVE absolutely EVERYTHING if you wish to ever be released from the cycle of birth and death!

It is very interesting to me that BEFORE the 1970’s there was NO SUCH THING as the COURSE IN MIRACLES, and this “idea” that you must over-look and never judge anything had NEVER BEFORE been widely so publicized!

It is also interesting to me that BEFORE the 1970’s the world was a much more loving place than it is now!


Look very closely at how people used to help each other in times of need…, and look at how our country was run back in the 50’s.  Look at almost anything that was going on then…, and you’d see that even though it was far from a perfect world…, we were NOT ON THE VERGE of a total GLOBAL FASCIST DICTATORSHIP.

What has happened to change this?

My opinion is this: CHANNELING HAPPENED.

THE COURSE IN MIRACLES HAPPENED…, and good people STOPPED trying to wipe out evil…, and instead they took a NEW position of “do nothing”…, “don’t judge”…, “just allow” in order to do what I said in my last post which is:


However…, I’ve said it many times before…, it was also in the 1970’s that VOICE TO SKULL technology was first discovered, tested (on prison inmates) and then implemented worldwide.

When did all of this “channeling” first start to become very popular and seemed to be cropping up everywhere?  I remember EXACTLY WHEN!  It was in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

It was J.Z. KNIGHT who was channeling RAMTHA in the early 1980’s that first caught my attention…, and I had no clue what channeling was at that time.

What has the REAL AFFECT of a channeled message like the COURSE IN MIRACLES actually been?

It has kept millions of really good people who would normally have acted out of love for others…, from doing anything to root out evil around them.

This is what I call a “stand down” and “sit on your hands” approach to moving out of the MATRIX and the cycle of birth and death.

And the reason most good people have done this is that they are DESPERATE to get out of the cycle of birth and death. They are desperate to get off of the wheel of reincarnation…, and they have been “TOLD” (air quotes and capitalized in bold letters) that in order to get out of ever having to coming back here…, they must overlook and not judge ANYTHING!

Let’s look at another analogy:

What happens when a dying man in the hot desert comes to a “sign” that says: WATER THIS WAY –>?
Naturally he follows the sign…, (or the book) that tells him how to get to what he wants and needs and is desperate for!

However…, just as naturally…., there is NO REASON what so ever to think or believe that the sign (or the book) is telling him the truth. It is simply there in the desert…, and needs to be checked out to see if it actually leads to water or not.

After checking out the book: A COURSE IN MIRACLES (starting in 2007)…, I have experienced that the world is NO BETTER OFF after millions and millions of people have read it, than it was BEFORE millions of people read it.

Forgiving EVERYTHING only leads to allowing those men and women who are the most EVIL a free hand in being able to take over the entire planet.
I have also learned over the years that almost all channeling is coming from the LOWER ASTRAL levels, and as I said here in THIS article…, I have seen for MYSELF what is living there!

So now I’m going to ask you again:

Why would any group of very high beings, ET’s, or Ascended Masters give or grant the greater part of humanity “a free passage” into the HIGHER REALMS if the realm that we are “currently” inhabiting has almost been destroyed through neglect and lack of CARE?

Once again…, think of that group of “renters” who have been living in a rented house for years…, and have all but destroyed it through abuse and neglect! Is it logical to think or to believe that the very same “owner or guardians” of a much, much better house would think of “moving” these “bad renters” into one of their far nicer properties?


Isn’t is more logical to believe that “we” collectively must learn to take care of what we have first…, BEFORE we are given better?

Isn’t it more logical to believe that “we” collectively must learn to stand up and speak out against CHILD ABUSE and RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE before we are “gifted” with a brand new squeaky clean and perfect “new realm” to live in that we probably could NOT and would NOT defend and KEEP CLEAN?

Is it logical to think and believe that if push came to shove…, and some very dark beings found or came into this NEW REALM that we had been so graciously given…, (by the Masters) and tried to take it over…, that since “WE” did not defend our old realm from a SATANIC takeover and thus had not proven that we could do that…, that the VERY SAME THING COULD HAPPEN ON A HIGHER LEVEL TOO?

If we do not have the where with all…, to stop the SATANIC BEINGS here in the lower realms…, then why or HOW would we be able to stop them on a NEW HIGHER LEVEL if they showed up?

WE DID NOT LEARN THE LESSON OF HOW TO DO IT ON THE LOWER LEVEL so how can we expect to do it somewhere better!

Now I know what some of you are thinking….


Some of you are thinking…, “The Ascended Masters” will save us! They will watch over us and protect us in the NEW REALM! We don’t need to worry, they would be there.

REALLY?      REALLY????????

That’s it…, that’s the answer?

That’s what a CHILD would say!

That is the answer of a 3 year old!

Mommy and Daddy will come and save me!

There is NO PERSONAL responsibility what so ever in that answer. There is no willingness to LEARN how to care for yourself, or to take care of what you have been given in that answer.

There is only a childish dependance upon OTHERS not so cleverly hidden in that response!

What if it was possible that the Universe worked in a different way than you have been TOLD?

What if…, we ONLY moved forward if we learned how to CARE for what we already had?

What IF…..

Think on these things….

All my love for this Sunday…,

Bradley Loves

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