By: Bradley Loves

I’ve “TOLD” you about this.  I’ve even told you the WHY…, and the HOW of it.  Why they do it…, and what affect it has upon the planet and the people living here!

Have we had enough yet?

What am I talking about?   See this article that I have recopied from RINF located in full HERE.

Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia (Just like in the USA)

The Satanic Pedophilia Network which underlies the New World Order was again exposed in the last few months by another brave whistleblower. Australian woman Fiona Barrett showed a ton of courage in going public at a Sydney press conference in October 2015 and naming names. Fiona, a former victim of Satanic ritual abuse and part of an international VIP pedophile ring, not only exposed the existence of the Satanic pedophilia network and its international child trafficking ring, but actually named 3 former Australian Prime Ministers and 1 former US President as perpetrators. She reveals that this network, composed of famous actors, celebrities, judges, politicians and other high-flyers, has infiltrated all the key organizations and institutions in Australia – just as it has in the US and Britain.


Warning: what follows is graphic and requires a great deal of maturity to swallow, but if you’re interested in the real truth of what’s going on in the world, read on. Fiona saw it all – Satanic ritual, rape, torture and murder – but actually says “the way I’ve been treated for reporting the crimes I’ve witnessed and experienced has been far worse than my original abuse experiences.” That speaks volumes about people’s collective denial and amnesia, doesn’t it?

Pedophiles Running Rampant Down Under

Fiona proclaims that Australia is a pedophile haven. She explains how Australia took in a large number of Nazi war criminals, including her own step-grandparents. She was introduced by her own family to an international child trafficking pedophile ring based in Sydney. Some victims are kidnapped off the street, some are “bred” for it (without ever getting birth certificates – more on this later) and some are brought into it through multi-generational abuse. These latter ones are trained and expected to become the perpetrators and future administrators of it.

Fiona has had flashbacks to being abused as young as the age of 2. Later on, when she still a little girl, she was dropped off at VIP parties, instructed to say “the starchild is here”, then watch as famous politicians, actors and celebrities snorted cocaine, raped her, had sex with each other, then pretended to drown her in pool. She wasn’t just sexually abused and raped; she also sufferedSatanic ritual abuse in the form of torture (e.g. suffering cattle prodding electroshock to cause disassociation). She reveals how this pedophile ring goes to the highest levels, and included orgies at Parliament House (in Canberra) itself.

Naming the Names

Fiona names the names of the people who sexually assaulted, raped and tortured her:

– Antony Kidman (actress Nicole Kidman’s father) (Nicole Kidman is a victim of the ring too, but was nasty towards fellow victim Fiona);

– Dr. John Gittinger (Lithuanian Nazi concentration camp guard and CIA agent);

– Former US President Richard Nixon;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke;

– Former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating;

– Former Australian Opposition Leader Kim Beazley;

– Former NSW Premier Bob Carr;

– US Evangelist Pastor Billy Graham;

– Ted Turner (CNN).

Barrett also mentions the brave Aussie politician Franca Arena, who got up in Parliament under parliamentary privilege and said there is a large pedophile ring involving politicians, judges, doctors and media moguls. He named Kerry Packer, Bob Carr, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Robert Menzies, Alan Jones (radio announcer), Bernard King (cook), Molly Meldrum (TV presenter), Elton John (musician), John Kerr (Whitlam and Kerr were homosexual lovers) and Justice Lionel Murphy.

Fiona has drawn her abuse pictures here.

She also recalls being at Bohemian Grove. On one occasion she was in a pink bubble room and raped. On another occasion she had to participate in “Teddy Bear’s Picnic” a child rape hunt party, where children were hunted like animals and raped (as also happened to Kathy Collins and Cathy O’Brien).

Witness at a Satanic Ritual in Bathurst, NSW, Australia, 1985

In this video (embedded above), Barrett talks about being present at a real Satanic ritual with some of Australia’s famous people – Kim Beazley (later to become Australian Labour Party and Opposition leader) and Richie Benaud (famous Australian cricket captain and sports commentator). She reveals how Beazley and Benaud started the ritual by worshipping their Satanic gods, chanting “Baal”, “Lucifer”, “Satan”, “Son of the Morning” and other such appellations. She then witnessed them ceremoniously killing a pregnant mother (a “breeder” to the Satanists) in the center of the circle. After that, they pulled out the unborn child, chopped it up with a knife, put it on a gold platter, and proceed to do a type of dark communion or Eucharist. (Barrett mentions here that the Catholic Church communion is based on this older Satanic version of a communion – in line with my article Are Parts of Organized Religion Satanic?)

After that, she states that several hypnotized children came forward like robots, who were probably mind controlled or completely dazed. Benaud came forward with a samurai sword and sliced off the head of each child. Then, the entire crowd of Satanists, who were sexually aroused by everything that had just taken place, broke out into a bloody orgy. They had whipped everyone up into a frenzy, and then they drunk the adrenalized blood of the woman and child. (Satanists are addicted to and get high from adrenaline in human blood.) Lastly, Beazley forced her to take a bite of one of the decapitated heads …

Why the Satanic Pedophilia Network?

Read more here


The information battle going on here on Earth is EPIC…, only because there are still so many “FAKE CHANNELERS” and fake channeled messages circulating around the Blogoshpere which completely “defend” these people, saying they can not help it…, and are not given a choice!  This is absolute bunk!

Too many human beings who are on the “good” side…, are convinced (by fake channeled messages) that they can only “save” themselves and “ascend” if they overlook every crime currently being committed here on the Earth.

This is what I am calling the:


Gone are any feelings of love and remorse for victims of crimes…., and instead…, the scales are so far out of balance towards tolerance and forgiveness of EPIC LEVEL CRIMES that the world has moved so far toward the dark in such a short time it is frightening even to think about.

What we have now is “good” people preaching to the masses that it is okay to let rape, crimes of abduction and torture take place!

Beyond that…, blood drinking…, and ritual child sacrifice is “okay” to tolerate as well!

“…. There is NOTHING you need to do….,” the Channelers keep telling us!

Anything bad that happens to others (even little children) is karma…, and those people having bad things happen to them wanted that!

Over and over and over again…, this nauseating drivel keeps getting posted by MIND CONTROLLED zombots…, who “channel” these messages…, post them on the Internet…, and honestly think they are doing the world a FAVOR!

As a result of idiotic messages…, THERE IS NO MOVEMENT to take out these SATAN WORSHIPPERS!

There is NO INTEREST in cleaning up a group that is SO EVIL…, even the GALACTIC ET’S are petrified that WE as a group continue to allow them to exist.

They “ask” themselves why “they” should step in and help a sick species such as ours who collectively refuse to help and defend even the most defenseless among us… our own children!

WE ARE NOT WORTH SAVING…., is something “they” have said over and over again!

The Andromedans of  Alex Collier said that very thing to him for years, and for a long time…, it was undecided if they would even help us because of this!

The “TALL WHITES” of Charles Hall told him over and over again that he would be “destroyed” if he even came NEAR just one of their children.

The “reason” he was given was that the human species (as far as they could see) had NO LOVE for their own children!

WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN FAR MORE THAN YOU LOVE YOURS…, he was told by the TALL WHITES over and over again who apparently had both the technology and the ability to “see” what these Satan Worshipers were doing in every city here on Earth!

By now however…, I have to agree with the TALL WHITES! 

I never thought I would…, but no matter how much I write…, these damn channeled messages coming from every corner of the globe are ALL ABOUT standing down…, not doing anything…, and over looking every evil that is taking place.

And those who are so called light workers have the GAUL to claim this makes them heroic?????????????  (Because they can over look evil?)

Those who CLAIM to be of the “light” and I am really using that term loosely here…, are so BRAINWASHED and so MIND CONTROLLED ( by channeled messages)…, and yes I did say that…, that they can not “see” that NOT to act in defense of these children is a COSMIC CRIME BEING COMMITTED AGAINST LOVE!

And yet…, their totally out of balance brains…, keep telling them I must forgive the darkest EVIL in order to save MY OWN ASS!

I want to ASCEND more than anything else (save my own ass) …, so I will say “nothing” about anyone else and not judge them…, even about those who Ritually Murder children and drink their blood!

Disclosure will Never happen…, and you can FORGET ABOUT ASCENSION…, if we as a group…, right here and now…, do not stand up and say in mass…, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this…, but those who “think” as I’ve described…, and I don’t care if you meditate for HOURS each day…, you will NEVER ASCEND, nor will you GOD REALIZE!

Because you refuse to defend that which GOD HIMSELF LOVES!

Think on these things!






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