By: Bradley Loves


Have you noticed that my personal blog is NOT on the “government” sponsored list of websites that are pushing FAKE NEWS?

You can find the entire list of 200 sites located here:

Now why?

I have written just as many stories and have said almost the same exact things as many of these other sites have!

What is different about what I personally am doing that causes my blog NOT to be named?

  1. I have not “REGISTERED” my website!
  2. I do not run ads…, and therefore, I am NOT engaging in “commerce” which is regulated by the LAW OF THE SEA!
  3. The LAW OF THE SEA is overseen by the VATICAN (ultimately) with that oversight “authority” then “delegated” to the USA Corporation, (a subsidiary).

1).  Because I have NOT “registered” my website (even though wordpress has asked (even begged) me to do this…, ) I have never actually used the ALL CAPS NAME (A USA CORPORATE ENTITY) in association with this blog!

You have no idea how “important” this is….

If I were to “register” this “blog” using the(their) ALL CAPS NAME…, (with wordpress)…, and then pay them a “fee”…, then I am engaging in commerce…, and the LAW OF THE SEA says that I have just “surrendered” all control over my own personal blog TO THE STATE!

Are you starting to get this?

I use the “free” package…, and the “free” package only…, and thus, I have avoided having to REGISTER my blog…, pay a fee, or use the ALL CAPS NAME…., and therefore I OWN THE CONTENT!

The USA Corporation can NOT make any comments what so ever on what I publish…, nor, can they call any of it FAKE!


Because as a living and breathing human being on the land…, I STILL REALLY DO HAVE FREE SPEECH!

Only the ALL CAPS NAME…, (A corporate “fiction”) has NO FREE SPEECH!

So if I HADregistered” this blog (even with wordpress)…, I would be subject to being called FAKE NEWS…, because I am then under the blanket of over sight and regulation of the USA Corporation!  (A corporation whose goals and agendas are not the same as mine!)

Are we learning anything yet??

If I use the ALL CAPS NAME in a “registration form”…, then I am CLAIMING to be the ALL CAPS NAME!  And I am also CLAIMING that I am under some sort of regulatory oversight!!

2)  I run NO ADS on this blog…, and therefore…, I am NOT engaging in commerce!

Because I am not engaging in commerce by using my personal blog…, then NONE of the commercial regulatory agencies of the USA Corporation can say anything about the “content” of what I post and publish here!

I am FREE (what a great word) to say and do as I wish here, without any oversight!

Now are you starting to get the picture as to how sneaky and convoluted this game really is??

I certainly hope that I can finally make a dent in someones thinking…, because saying it over and over again does get old.

My blog is reader supported…, and ONLY by Freewill donations!

THAT IS NOT COMMERCE…, because I am not “selling” anything!

Now…, for those of you who have been my supporters for so long…, can you see WHY I chose to run my blog in the way that I am running it?

Can you see that I saw ALL of these “traps” that had been laid out for the unsuspecting masses…, and have been side stepped each and every one of them perfectly?

The LAW OF THE SEA can say NOTHING about what I am doing on my own personal…, NON REGISTERED BLOG…, (non surrendered)…, and thus they MUST remain silent, because as a REAL MAN (not corporate fiction) I STILL HAVE FREE SPEECH!

THAT is why I am not on the list!












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