By: Bradley Loves

Just in case it has escaped your attention…, I am going to point it out and hang a light on it.

Absolutely every article that I write IS connected and supports the ones that came before it.

It is up to you to READ all of them and to see HOW they are connected.

Every video that I post has been carefully chosen (even if made years ago) BECAUSE it supports and points out the hows and the whys of what I am writing.

I don’t know of ANY OTHER WEBSITE that does this for you!

My site is NOT a news website…, nor is it a NEWS AGGREGATE website that simply posts the daily news from a bunch of places.

My site is a “teaching” and “learning” website where I painstakingly go through hundreds of hours of articles, radio shows, interviews, and videos so that you don’t have to do it!

Therefore…, it is a MISTAKE to pick and choose which articles you think you want to read…, because each and every one of the them is intimately related in some way.

They are all “parts” of a great tapestry of the TRUTH…, which is very difficult to see because it is so VAST.

The two video’s that I have posted today are in fact both totally supportive of the last many articles I’ve written…, and there is a huge amount of information that will surprise you in them…, if you will only watch them.

As an assignment…, if you care to do it…, try to see if you can pick out HOW these videos support what I wrote!

All my love,



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