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Watch out people…, the Demo’s that wanted Hillary for Pres., are quite “pissed” and now are out on the war path!

My blog has been getting “spammed” over the past several days by a bunch of “FAKE PROGRESSIVE” bloggers…, who are pushing the “FAKE NEWS” meme, which includes focusing on Pizza Gate as FAKE,  and saying that it is all fake news.

I’ve also gotten a dozen people….”Progressive’s” who apparently hate “Donald Trump”…, sending me links in the comment section of my blog (spam) to their own sites that are focusing on GLOBAL WARMING! (As the only real issue of consequence).

I have gone to some of the (quite new) blogs only to find the men or women running them proudly claiming to be “progressives” who are against the Alt. Right Fake News…, and have been working HARD in former government positions to move the progressive agenda forward.

Many of the ones targeting my site in particular are directly out of San Francisco!

This “town” is one of the most evil places on the face of the Earth (in my opinion)

It is a “sanctuary city” that helps illegals…, but REFUSES to help people born in this country.  In exists inside of a rogue “state” under the leadership of Jerry Brown who participates in Spirit Cooking Dinners and was said to have attended THIS PRIVATE HOLLYWOOD DINNER pictured below!


Here is former Los Angeles Mayor Villaragosa at the same function…


San Francisco…, is also the very same place where an “anonymous” man who used to be a blogger, ADMITTED online to being a shill…, and claimed to have been hired to write fake articles by going an old warehouse in San Francisco for a single interview before being hired.

He also claimed that he had no concern for telling the truth, and said that he needed the money as an excuse for what he was doing.

He was also given lists of blogs and websites he was supposed to ATTACK, and certain subjects that were the most important to talk about.

He apologized in a single online statement about 3 years ago.

This is 100 percent SATANIC.  It is the mark of the Luciferians.


Time to wake up and see that these men and women are NOT going quietly into that good night…, and are now starting to fight back with hundreds (or many thousands) of new bloggers and websites!

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