I’ve written a few Heart to Heart Blog Posts in the past.  This is my first attempt at a Heart to Heart Chat to all of my regular readers and everyone else as well.

Today, Luke and I discuss what is coming down the road in the next few months and why (it seems) that things have to get so difficult.

The reason for any kind of suffering we may have to go through is that WE CAN NO LONGER keep things the way they are and survive as a country, a culture, or a species!

In other words – we (collectively) have reached the WALL.  We can go no further in the way things are being done world wide.

The problem here is that very few people want to actually CHANGE the way they are living, and its not really changing the way they are living as much as WAKING UP to what is going on around them and then doing something about it.

There are many real world examples of what I am talking about that I could list to demonstrate this to you, but I will use two examples in particular here.

Pretend that you are living out in the country and your farm is hooked up to a Septic Tank instead of a city sewer.  This means that you can only fill that septic tank up so long before it MUST (repeat must) be emptied!  If you do not empty it – the raw sewage backs up into the house and destroys everything!

This is a very good analogy of where the entire world is at this point.  We are at the point where we MUST take action!  And isn’t it interesting that Donald Trump has named his campaign to get rid of evil “DRAINING THE SWAMP”??

He could just as well have named it “DRAINING THE SEPTIC TANK”!

But this is not something that one man, or even a small group of people can do alone because it affects everyone of us here on Earth, and so this world wide DRAINING OF THE SEWER is gonna take every man, woman, and child alive on Earth to accomplish!

If not – raw sewage will back up into your homes and destroy everything!  This first ever heart to heart chat points this out very clearly and is meant to inspire each of you to stop stalling and to find a way to TAKE ACTION no matter where you are and no matter where you live!


Because the entire world can not go any further in this condition!  We have hit the wall and real action must be taken to fix things.

Here is a wonderful homework video to watch.  It is an interview between Bill Wood and Lisa Harrison which I mention in the Podcast!


Please enjoy this hour long Heart to Heart Chat which is merely meant to INSPIRE you and nothing more!


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All my love


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