I highly recommend that anyone who has ever listened to a Love Truth Site Podcast pay close attention to this one.


Podcast #61 was designed to ASK QUESTIONS. 

Questions are very important, and questioning what is happening all around us is one of the most important things that a spiritual human man or woman can ever do, and is an absolute must during our walk with God the Great Creator.

Asking honest questions tells us the “WHY” of what is happening all around us – and therefore gives us the “POWER” to change it.

Yes, having Faith in God is very important in our walk with Him as we progress on our souls journey, but that being said, we must always ask questions of everyone and of everything that we encounter so that we can understand the “WHY” of what is going on. 

Understanding the “WHY” of things leads us straight to the “TRUTH”, and it is only by knowing the truth that we have any real “POWER” to make changes to our circumstances, our environment, and to our world.

Asking questions is the only way that we can learn.  Hiding the “why” of something is one of the most “ungodly” things any being can do to another being.  It is despicable and reprehensible because it prevents the truth from being known or from being found.

“WHY” is the only thing that we as human beings should ever be concerned with when we look at what is happening around us, because IF we do not know the why – then we have absolutely NO POWER to change any of it. 

Only a being of absolute evil withholds the “WHY” from very large groups of people who will be negatively affected by current conditions and this is done ONLY to control them.  There is no other purpose.


As I said in the Podcast, the “WHY” of a thing is far more important to know that just seeing (or spying) on what is happening.  What we see with our eyes (through spying) is not always truthful or accurate because we need to know “WHY” of something before we can ever come to understand it.

Knowing “WHY” only comes after asking many questions – and that is why questions and conversations must always come BEFORE massive surveillance. 

Surveillance is not (repeat not) gathering intelligence.  It is not intelligence gathering because surveillance never asks why!   Since massive surveillance is not concerned with asking “why” – then surveillance does not care in the least about the TRUTH.

This way of doing things, of course, is the result of a long history of engaging in a very sick and twisted relationship with Reptilian Beings who would rather use brute force every day of the week and twice on Sunday than have an honest conversation with anyone they wanted to learn about because their ultimate goal is NOT to learn the truth at all, but their goal instead is to just control the human beings that they are spying on.

Every Agency that spies world wide (and the list is endless) does not care one whit about the “TRUTH”, but instead only spies in order to get information to CONTROL others.  Period. 

Therefore, there is no redeeming quality or purpose for these countless agencies that spy endlessly on Americans and on people from all around the world.  They are only there to exert slavish control over others, and NOT to understand the “why” of something in order to make the world a better place.



However, there are ways to get what we want and need from other people that follow spiritual rules and protocols and do not cause these human beings (who have freewill) endless harm and damage in their lives.

That is why we as human beings were given the capacity to ask questions of each other, and that is so that we could learn about each other and ascertain the truth.

Faith in men or women (who are not God) is not required by God, and therefore should only come after asking them many questions, interviewing them one on one to learn the “why” of what they are doing or going through, and then finally surveilling them in their daily lives only if we think they have lied many times during the countless attempts that were made in good faith to have an honest conversation with them.

This being said, I have noticed that almost every agency world-wide has taken on the cloak and mantle of the “dark reptilian beings” in our universe who love to spy on people FIRST, and the watch them endlessly from behind the scenes yet NEVER seem to care about asking them any questions or interviewing them BEFORE they spy on them for an entire life-time.


The purpose of this behavior is not about gaining the truth, but instead is about control.

You see in an honest and decent world, QUESTIONS and INTERVIEWS should always come BEFORE spying, tormenting, torturing, using, and abusing.  A spiritual man or woman knows this. When someone who is truly spiritual wants to know answers to very important questions, instead of SPYING on someone, they simply have a good conversation.


There are hundreds of reasons for this rule, the most dire of which being that the whole Universe could be affected in a very negative way and entire Galaxies could end up winking out of existence due to something that had been changed on just a few key planets.

Not only could trillions of people be lost and those lives never be lived, but entire planets and their histories could be lost as well as entire species that would never have existed.

When you add all of this up with the lessor reasons why messing with TIME is not a good thing to do, then you can see why it is against Cosmic Law to engage in this type of behavior.



Their goal is to DOMINATE and to MANIPULATE!  

One of their latest tricks in their bid to take over absolutely everything that exists and to rule ON HIGH over countless Galaxies (and even the entire Universe) is to travel through TIME and to change everything to suit their needs to achieve this.

Just like they experimented with their own Genetics – they are now experimenting with various TIME LINES to see which one gives them the best advantage to dominating and manipulating everything.

Thus, they began traveling through time bent on Universal destruction to batter down and change everything that does not suit their goals of the Domination of everything.

Their actions are like taking a great wreaking ball to all planets and systems they come to as well as entire Galaxies and to remake them – through the manipulation of TIME.

As they do this – they are negatively affecting Quadrillions and Quadrillions of lives all over the Galaxy and do not seem to care in the least.

Anyone who works with them and gives them aid or comfort becomes COMPLICIT in their Universal and Galactic Destruction scenario.

Their manipulation of “TIME” will be punished, this I know for a fact.  I have written about it before.  It is just that the Reptilians are so long lived, that they can easily do 300,000 years of damage before they have to face the Great Creator.

Human Beings from Earth have far less time to wait before they will be made to face up to what they have done, and to witness all of the innocent beings they have hurt with their actions.

Please watch this video below as James Rink describes another Time Line in America where the South won the Civil War, and how that victory was actually better for America in the long run.

In that Time-Line there was no interference from England, or from the Reptilians who had conquered England and who wanted to control every human being here in America!  Thus, our country never went CORPORATE in 1875, we never got the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, the Birth Certificate Fraud, or Income Tax, or the destruction of so much of the South’s Economy after the war.

People in the end were FAR HAPPIER and it was far BETTER for America.  As an added bonus, all of the Slaves were freed anyway after the South won the War.

The very beginning of the Hollywood Movie “TIME-COP” was made to show us that Time Travel was actually being used to change things, and that the outcome of the Civil War (and many other wars) is something that the Time Travelers are always looking to change.

(However, they always have to tell us or show us what they are doing.)

God the Great Creator has HAD ENOUGH of the antics of the Reptiles and their constant Time Manipulations!  Anyone who has worked with them is now considered “complicit” and has a big surprise coming for them when they cross over to the other side and have to face Him.

Thank you for reading here at Love Truth Site.  Thank you for your support.

All my love


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