This response…, probably one of the most heart felt and wonderful comments I’ve ever gotten…, needs its own spot!  Therefore I am posting it as a stand alone piece!

Herb…, thank you so much for your input!

I recognize that you have been with me from the very beginning…, are a loyal reader and come to this blog every day!


All my love…..


In response to: THE “TRUTH” ABOUT BUILDERS… Herb wrote….



Brilliant, just brilliant and so on point.

I was born in Rhodesia and our colonial masters in London had plans for our country which did not sit well with the people. So on Nov 11th 1965, Rhodesia declared U.D.I. Unilateral Declaration of Independence.

The country decided to go it alone.

The retribution from Britain and the United Nations was swift and merciless. Total sanctions and embargoes were imposed. We could not import anything nor would our exports be accepted. They thought that we would not last long and soon capitulate.

The reverse happened. The whole country became a nation of “doers” If there were machine parts needed our guys in the metal workshops quickly fashioned a replacement.

Cars which were obsolete everywhere else were kept on the road and functioning. Much like in Cuba. There was no hunger at all as our agriculture was first rate and we were able to feed the nation and had to build silos to store the surplus.

Our black population was probably the best educated in Africa and notwithstanding shortages of textbooks were able to study and be first rate students. Our only ally was South Africa who helped us with much needed petrol (gasoline) which was rationed as it once was during WW2. Then came the media who with their lies labelled the people of Rhodesia as racists who treated the black population as slaves and took all their land.

I well remember a British photographer who not finding any children begging for food handed out some candy to the few curious youngsters. Soon a crowd of children appeared hoping to also get some candy.

So the photographer had his assistant put the candy in the trash can and soon the kids quickly retrieved it. Pictures were taken and were splashed all over the world. The caption: Starving black children rummage in garbage bins for food.

The globalists then armed the Marxists guerrillas and sabotage and farm killings and other atrocities began. A bush war as it was then called happened and all able bodied young men were conscripted to fight.

I was called up and volunteered for the medical corps so that I would avoid having to shoot people. War is not my thing. Long story short. In so called peace talks the Rhodesian government agreed to a handover of power by means of an election. We ended up with Robert Mugabe in April 1980.

He renamed the country. Now it became Zimbabwe and after a brief spell the looting and brutality began. I am currently in South Africa and hardly a day passes when I don’t meet one of my black countrymen who had escaped the deprivation and hardship in our homeland.

And as I still fluently speak the Matabele language I hear the older ones tell me sometimes how great things back home used to be. In conclusion my background of finding a way to problem solve or to be flexible and creative has been a far better education for me than spending 3 years in an expensive university studying “Liberal arts” and more recently “Gender studies”.

I am convinced that I am on a list somewhere as “a person of interest.”

This would explain a lot of things.


From Brad:  Herb, I remember Rhodesia well!   We studied about it at length in our school!  It was a GREAT country.

Sadly, because I am almost 60 years old…, most people younger than me do not even KNOW there was ever such a place as Rhodesia!

If you ask a “millenial”…, they will say…, what are you talking about…, there IS NO RHODESIA!

But you are right!

The Illuminati ALWAYS DESTROY those that go against them!

However…, that is not enough!   They don’t just destroy the country…, they DESTROY THE MEMORY OF THE COUNTRY!

They are so evil…, that they must write out of history the “thoughts” of what the Rhodesian people did!

Rhodesia was ERASED from the memory of the masses so that no one would ever DARE to try to do what they did!

One hundred years from now…, History will never admit there ever WAS a place known as Rhodesia!   The only reason the Illuminati can not yet do that today…, is because there are still people alive today…, YOU MY FRIEND…, who were there and remember it!

This is exactly what PURE EVIL DOES!

It not only destroys what it does not like…, it destroys the memory of it as well!

MIND CONTROL at is farthest limit!


Here is a word to the wise:

Anyone…., anyone at all…, who votes for a Democrat…, anyone who does not support Donald Trump in this mid-term election is effectively giving the POWER BACK to the ILLUMINATI!

They will be casting a vote for the Satanists!

If you really want to vote “democrat”…, THEN WAIT until the mass arrests have taken place and the Congress/Swamp has been fully drained!

Give Trump a little more time!

















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