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For we fight NOT against men…, but against PRINCIPALITIES…


By: Bradley Loves


Honestly…, the more that time goes on…, the CLEARER it becomes (to me) that “we” collectively are fighting not against each other (per se)… but against very real (albeit invisible) Demons, Discarnates, and Principalities…, who want to rule over us and the Earth.

We are fighting a real spiritual battle here on the Earth…, and it is for our very survival.

Because we are not able to “SEE” our enemy…, we tend to place the blame for all the bad that is happening here on our fellow man!

Taking this “bold” statement out of the realm of pure “religion” and “dogma”…, lets start thinking about this in terms of real science!

Wormholes…, Portals…, Vortexes…, and Natural Stargates…, which exist and have always existed as a very REAL parts of our Cosmos…, and (in antiquity…,) were controlled by very POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BEINGS…, have most likely been corrupted or compromised in such a way so that some very EVIL…, and very OPPORTUNISTIC ENTITES were able to use them to penetrate our particular frequency of reality.

They are able to see us…, but “we”, are unable to see them!

Using this to their advantage…, it is my opinion that the entirety of our Earth’s history has been tainted and defiled from the very moment in time that this breach occurred…, and to be perfectly frank…, I have NO CLUE how far back in time this may go!

The MORE I learn about the Occult…, and the more I learn about the knowledge that the Illuminati is actively hiding from the masses…, the more I realize that our entire planet has been HI-JACKED…, and that the secrecy of these “BROTHERHOODS” is in place for only one reason.

That reason is to HIDE just who it is that is doing this to us!

We know that there are 13 so called “families” that some call “The Bloodline Families”…, who are claimed to be in control of things on the Earth behind the scenes…, and we also know from watching many interviews with Jay Parker…, that these “bloodline” families are Generational Satan Worshipers…, or Luciferians.

We know from the last few articles (posts) that I have done, (complete with slides) …that at the very top levels of the Freemasonic Structure…, (32 Degree and above) they are dabbling in “energies” that aid them in doing “magic”!

These “energies”…, one 33rd Degree Level Freemason wrote…,  “…brings to the user the Seething Power of Lucifer”….

We know for a fact that Madame Helena Blavatsky spent a lot of time with Luciferians, and was a 32nd Degree Freemason. She even wrote in her book: The Secret Doctrine…, that Lucifer was the God of the Earth!

Once again…, taking all of this OUT of the realm of silly superstition…, religion and dogma.., and putting it into the realm of science (where it belongs)…, it is my opinion that all of the men and women who are deeply involved in these Secret Societies (at the very top levels) are in contact with the: OPPORTUNISTIC ENTITIES that I talked about above.

Because these men and women have always used “arcane knowledge” in order to seek “greater power” over others…, and sought out hidden, or secret ways to affect their fate for the better, while affecting the fate of others for the worse…, the hidden (basically unseen) entities have made themselves known or available to these men and women because (temporarily) their goals are the same.

It is unfortunate that those who seek tremendous “power” over others, do not suspect or see that those who are “helping them” (principalities) could in an single instant, turn against them once a certain level of control has been reached.

Jay Parker has said many times that his own parents (who claimed to be a Witch and Warlock) could “conjure” or “summon” entities who would appear to them in a form that could be seen.

He recalls that when he was very young…, his mother summoned an entity that glowed fire red and was an ethereal being of flame or pulsing energy…, and told him that this being was “GOD”!

He recalls defying her and saying matter of factly that the conjured being was NOT GOD!

“Well…, it’s OUR GOD…”  she had responded in a hurt tone….

I am under NO illusions that there is only “one type” of entity…, but more than likely MANY…, that have found their way into our “frequency of reality” by way of these Portals, Vortexes, Wormholes and Stargates…

Honestly.., this could have happened well before even ATLANTIS!

They may have even known about this invasion…, ( or could have been the cause of it) and at that time had the technology to fight them…, or even to put a stop to them for some great length of time.

However…, for us living on Earth at this point in time…, we do not have the technology to deal with mulit-dimensional…, or out of phase “frequency beings”.

The “MAGICIANS”…, who have always been in the background…, have basically “teamed up” with these discarnate or unseen beings and WILLINGLY offered to help them in exchange for power over others…, which is a FLAW or a WEAKNESS in the characters which has never been addressed.

I will be writing MORE about this…, because I think this goes really deep!

Consider this an introductory article…, which is only meant to stimulate thinking.

Any comments are welcome from my readers…, because usually you send me some really good research and places to look!

All my love!

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ROGUE-SABRE-1- An OP-ED By Former US Armed Forces Special Operations Soldier


  1. Oh boy Bradley, I do so resonate with your frustrations about others being in their comfort zones and not wanting to face the real evil abominations that are being carried out daily against our children and that this sacrifice of children has been going on since Old Testament times and before when they were being sacrificed to Baal or Molech as they are doing still today at Bohemian Grove in order to gain power, wealth and also to feed their grand illusions that Lucifer is God and that he will look after them, they would not ever believe that this state of affairs could ever stop. I believe these people are possessed and have lost all sense of reason, or any sense that they are doing wrong. Indeed as you say they feel righteous and above all others and feel that what they are doing is actually for the good. Masquerading as an Angel of Light these evil entities can blind the minds of those possessed for their own evil agendas. The general population will not believe this is happening, I know from when I used to be a Christian 30 years ago that people did not want to hear or believe there are evil spirits, demonic beings out there preying on mankind, even when you show them the scriptures that speak of such things, Ephesians 6 is where it is said that we do not fight against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places and it further goes onto say but put on the Whole Armour of God. Even now when you try and talk about such things people quickly walk away, or try to change the subject. There are very difficult “firewalls” around people and they refuse to even entertain these subjects. That has been my experience for a very long time, I have lost family and friends, work colleagues and right now I don’t even try to make friends anymore. Sometimes I feel it is far more painful to know these things are going on and we are reliant on others “waking up”, yet in my experience they are staying asleep, and so feel very useless and unable to effect any changes in people who need to wake up and get on board with helping to dismantle this matrix/frequency prison we are all in. Meanwhile I have asked many in the Awakened community What else can we do, when people are so mind controlled, dumbed down and ignorant to what is really going on and as we know All done by design. Things may be different in America but here in the UK people don’t want to know.

    • Thank you for your comment! Most people do not believe in Demons! It is only when you’ve faced one (for real) that you will know they exist. I’ve done that! It shocks all of the disbelief out of you…, AND…, it transforms all of the “sick” channeled messages that claim no such beings exist…, into INSTANT lies.

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