This a repost…, but in light of what we are continually talking about…, I want to refresh your memory as to which subjects really matter in our Universe and our Reality, as “compared” to the absolute CRAP being taught within our school “systems” of mind control.  

If you are one of the people following my blog daily…, over the course of time you will finally see that what I write is the TRUTH.

Anything “not” on the list… should be taught at home…, NOT in School!


By: Bradley Loves

This is a guide of what “could be”…, and what “is possible”…, even “here” on Earth…, if we could only work together and get rid of the REPTILES and their minions!

What follows is a simple Teaching Curriculum that is arranged “properly” and in a very systematic way that is for the BEST benefit of the progressing student who would be living in a very advanced Planetary System!


Junior Level: (Age 4 to Age 8)

  1. Magnetics
  2. Harmonics
  3. Base Mathematics (includes simple Geometry)

Intermediate Level: (Age 8 to Age 12)

  1. Reading and the Creation of Sound Differentials
  2. Dynamics (Ratio’s and Mechanics)
  3. Base Chemistry
  4. Intermediate Magnetics
  5. Intermediate Harmonics
  6. Intermediate Mathematics (advanced Geometry)
  7. Writing

Junior Master: (Age 12 to Age 16)

  1. Dispersion (Ratio’s and Mechanics)
  2. Intermediate Chemistry
  3. Advanced Magnetics
  4. Advanced Harmonics
  5. Advanced Mathematics
  6. Crystal Technology
  7. Wave/Particle Acceleration   (Photon – Graviton – Exciton) and Variables

Master Level: (Age 16 to Age 20)

  1. Time/Space Theory and Practice
  2. Portals and Vortexes (Displacement Issues)
  3. Wave Guides and Keyholes
  4. Inter-dimensional Travel and Hidden Doorways
  5. Reality Bending and Universal Quotients
  6. Astro-Physical Phenomenon and Celestial Mechanics
  7. Healing and Body Regeneration

Application Level: (Age 20 and Beyond)

  1. Advanced and Applied Chemistry
  2. Applied Magnetics
  3. Applied Harmonics
  4. Advanced and Applied Reading and Writing
  5. Applied Mathematics
  6. Applied Logic and Problem Solving
  7. Variables and Inconsistencies

Believe it or not…, this is the kind of learning that children who are NOT BEING LIED TO and HELD BACK…, would be going through in their young lives in order to become a very balanced and very worth while part of advanced human society.

[There are leaked testimonials by men and women working in “secret space programs” who have said that IN FACT a “break away” part of our civilization has been living in the Star Trek “reality” ever since the 1970’s!  The only way this is possible is by knowing these subjects.]

The planets that teach in this way are INFINITELY BLESSED, and are “leading” the Universal technological race…, “not” living in the armpit of Hicksville…, like we are here on Earth.

Just a thought…

All my Love….




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