By:  Bradley Loves


NOTHING…, has really changed!

Let me rephrase that.  Nothing “important” to the Cabal has really changed.

I’ve spent the better part of several days…, being quiet and watching the developing tapestry of “outer activity” and the war of words being passed back and forth in the media.

Sometimes…, ONLY by being “quiet” can a person be capable of accurately discerning what is really happening amid a hurricane of activity.

This hurricane is  just as mental as it is verbal and physical.

That being said…, I don’t see much change!

Let me be very frank and honest!   Our biggest problem in this country…, and in the larger world is STILL SECRECY!

That is problem number one!

No other “problem” among all of the “other countless problems” that we are suddenly being reminded of…, is as big a problem.

Let’s start here!

I like Donald Trump!  I don’t know him personally…, but he has charisma.  I think he “got” the position he’s gotten because he was the “very best man” with the best qualities to clean up a certain amount of “mess” that has been made in the US and in the world.

What mess?

  • The failing economy
  • The lack of jobs in the US
  • The huge trade deficit
  • Health care problems
  • Failling infrastructure
  • Corruption in politics
  • Border security
  • A failing military

All of these things…, and about as many more that I did not care to mention…, are all well within the capacity of Donald Trump (as a builder) to solve.

Obama…, (as a CIA trained asset) could not possibly handle these types of problems…, and in all honesty…, was most likely the CAUSE of making a bad circumstance far worse.

Hillary Clinton was seen as an EPIC failure by those who put people “into power” and was thus “NOT ALLOWED” to win.  It’s as simple as that.

If you really want to know what this reminds me of…, you have to go back to the BRAVEHEART Movie with Mel Gibson.

The people behind the scenes are the very “ugly” and disfigured King…, who placed his very good looking young son out into the world to appear to rule (while he called the shots from behind the scenes).

The biggest part of that movie was the EXTREME betrayal felt by the young son…, who had worked really hard (out in the world) and made what he thought were “deals” that were backed by his own father…, only to find out that while he was making promises and working hard toward one goal…, his father had gone behind his back and made deals to under mine everything he had done.

Something he had NO CLUE was happening…, and was very disturbed to find out in the end.

His father “used him” in the end…, to create what the father thought was the “best” outcome for everyone.

I place Hillary Clinton, Obama, the Bushes, and yes even Donald Trump, on the level of the young son…, who is being put out to make deals and allies on the world stage…, but there is ALWAYS a very “ugly” and “deformed” old entity behind the scenes that NO ONE sees…, who will betray everyone and everything at the drop of a hat if the wind changes directions.

The “forward drive” of the Globalists…, at this point in time…, is no longer “serving” the agenda…, and those who were “told” they were the “chosen ones” to get this done finally.., and who would be greatly rewarded…, JUST GOT THEIR BETRAYAL!

In this case…, Hillary Clinton and Obama….,  are like the young Scottish prince in the movie Braveheart, who clearly sees at the end…, that the PLAN he was told was going forward, is now NOT the plan…, and a deal was cut behind his back!

The “ugly” old man strikes again!!

What does the ugly old man represent??


The ability to manipulate events and shape human destiny from behind the curtain!

You see…, NOTHING has changed!  For all of the glitter and suspense…, we are no closer to exposing the REAL PROBLEMS of the world than before.

I have my opinions!  So do you.   My opinion is that Barack Obama “never” really liked people!

Don’t believe me?  Stop listening to his WORDS…, and watch his ACTIONS!

Actions…, speak louder than words!

In Eight long years…, Obama NEVER acted on behalf of most of the people…, and instead acted on behalf of a very small segment of the population!

The agenda he helped the MOST…, was the LGBT agenda…., which is actually reasonable since he is GAY!

He helped his OWN!  No one else!

He followed the Globalist plans to the letter and exported millions of jobs out of the country, closed 10’s of thousands of factories…, and passed countless Draconian laws (many by executive order) to further the Deep States removal of personal freedoms!   You don’t DO THESE THINGS if you like people!!

I watched Donald Trump for many days now…, and in his ACTIONS (not words) he is doing things to “help people”…, therefore he likes people!! (American People…, American workers…, if we have to get technical, but then THAT is his job!)

It’s simple if you stop listening to soft, slick words and start to look at what a person actually DOES!!


Who are the most upset at Hillary’s loss?  The LGBT community that who!!

Rachael Maddow (Lesbian)…., Chris Matthews (Gay)…, Anderson Cooper (Gay) and countless, countless others in the Media, Hollywood, and the Music Industry , are pissed beyond belief…, because “Hillary” has also been identified to be a Lesbian (and therefore would have advanced their agenda even more).

Is it any wonder that most of the MEDIA have used their positions of power to do anything they could to skew the issues and the dialogue in favor of Hillary?

But let’s be clear here…, LGBT is NOT 90 percent of America!…, it’s maybe 10 to 15 percent of America…., and if you read the polls and the charts very carefully…, THAT is who voted for Hillary. (In addition to millions of illegals, for obvious reasons…, and women who wanted to see the first female president).

The people now being BLAMED for Donald Trump’s victory are “angry white men”…, as if being a man and being white was some sort of cosmic level crime!

What is not being said…, (although you can BET YOUR DAMN BIPPY they are thinking it…, and talking about it in their own communities, quietly among themselves…,) is that in their “opinion”…, it was:

ANGRY, WHITE, HETEROSEXUAL, MEN (i.e.., not gay…, and who did not support the Gay Agenda, who voted Trump in, and Hillary out).

As if being Hetero-sexual in this day and age is ALSO A COSMIC LEVEL CRIME!!

But this is something they could NEVER say publicly, and get away with…, but trust me…, they are thinking it!!

What the LGBT community does NOT realize…, and really in truth…, most of them probably don’t know this…, is that their “community” is being used as the SMOKE SCREEN for much darker and deeper EVIL THINGS!!

Too many of us with eyes to SEE…, now realize this…, and because they are too close to their own agenda…, they have put on blinders to this sad fact.

The Satanic Community, Dark Ritual Magic, Spirit Cooking, Pedophilia, Ritual Torture, Ritual Killings…, are all hidden very nicely under the very LARGE RUG of the LGBT community!!

You see…, IF you are these kinds of people…, (listed above) you HAVE to have a large enough group of relatively normal people to hide inside of!

And the ONLY way you can hide for long…, is IF…, you make it politically incorrect to say ANYTHING (at all) about LGBT’s.

Therefore…, while the main throng of LGBT’s think that their agenda is/was finally being seen as legitimate by those in government…, the ONLY REASON this is/was happening at all is so that the entire community as a whole…, could  be USED as useful idiots!

They are providing the SMOKE SCREEN of cover (legitimacy) under which the SATANISTS and the PEDOPHILES of HOLLYWOOD and the GOVERNMENT are hiding!!

So what happened then??


What happened is that all of the dirty laundry started to come to the surface…, and in my humble opinion…, a very quick “double cross” was done by the “ugly man” behind the curtain.

His interests outweigh…., any promises he’s ever made to anyone…, who he uses.

Who is that ugly man again??

The Dark, Secret, and Satanic Agenda!!     This “ugly man” can NEVER EVER risk real exposure…, and for one moment in eternity…, the Alternative Media Community was very close to exposing this beast for good!

THAT is why we got Trump!!



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