By: Bradley Loves

The New World Order has not gone away just because Donald Trump is President.  They are fighting both him and his policies tooth and nail. Everything happening all across the world is helping to set up the RULES for the New World Order!   Only WE THE PEOPLE can put a stop to it!


I want you to know that everything said in this video is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.  This is NOT conjecture!  It is happening as we speak…, and I know people who are having this DONE TO THEM!

There is very little time left for humanity to wake up and to realize that what you see in this video is being planned for EVERYONE…, not just for a few million TARGETED INDIVIDUALS!

You too will soon have your mind being controlled – because you said and did NOTHING!

NEW AGERS BEWARE…, your comfy but demented world of “no such thing as evil” is about to become as EVIL as anyone could have ever imagined!

And it happened right under your noses while you ignored and denied it!

Yes…, this stuff is VERY REAL!    I know first hand!   Just  because it has not “yet” happened to YOU…, does not mean millions are not suffering the affects!

Without your help and support…, YOU WILL BE NEXT!

Watch the video…,

Thank you….

PS…, If you don’t know what you can do to help.., for GODS SAKE at least share this link and video to every social media platform you can think of!!

This should GO VIRAL and get millions of views!!!!!!


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