By: Bradley Loves


I really don’t need to prove what I write, because it always proves itself in time.

Usually immediately!

Today, we have two stories from India, both concerning BLACK MAGIC and SACRIFICE!

In the first story, an Indian man (a MUSLIM) sacrificed his 4 year old daughter as an offering to “God” for Ramadan!

In the second story…

A ten year old girl was sacrified in a Black Magic Ritual in order to cure a paralyzed man!


Here is the long and the short of it people…

Having lost it’s Christian Faith and looking for “ALTERNATIVES”…, the populations across the world (because of Hollywood and the Mainstream Media) have turned back to BLACK MAGIC and CHILD SACRIFICE in astounding numbers.

Unlike what the “channelers” and the New Agers are proclaiming from the Mountain Tops…, the world is “NOT” getting better, but it is actually regressing backwards into PAGANISM – SATANISM – and VOODOO!

This is also happening because “GOD” was literally stomped out of almost every issue and idea where children usually learn or hear about GOD, during the Presidency of BARACK OBAMA!

He and his ilk (The Globalists) wanted to make certain that no one was offended if they did not believe in GOD…, and in massive numbers human beings with no idea of a loving CREATOR have now turned back to BLACK MAGIC.

It was Obamas goal to see GOD destroyed and removed from every part of Americans daily lives!

And this is Regardless of what Linda Dillon says!   Please stop listening to the “channeled” lies she is addicted to spreading.

Simply OPEN YOUR EYES and look and see what is happening around the world!!

All my love…




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