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Well…, I guess this blog (and a few other blogs) are really starting to make a “dent” in the plans of the New World Order – which was going to slowly release SATANISM into the public consciousness over the next few years!

Not scheduled to happen for a while yet.., they are now RUSHING to get out in front of TRUTH BLOGS like mine – which are literally POUNDING THEM about all things “Satanic” and they are truly worried!

See this article:

Hail Satan?: the film that will change your mind about satanism

The Satanic Temple’s progressive values are given rare insight in an eye-opening documentary and here, the film-maker and the head of the temple talk about the film’s vitality.



Now…, did you happen to notice that in the title of the above article…, it talks about THE SATANIC TEMPLES  “progressive” values?

Come on people…, COME ON – this is NOT difficult stuff here!

This is the biggest clue you’ve ever been given yet, anywhere.., at any time!

The Temple of Satan is actively hitching their “Religion” and their “Agenda” to the PROGRESSIVE PARTY…, ie…., THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!


Now…, no matter what you read in the article above…, IT IS A LIE!

If you want the REAL TRUTH…, come here to this blog!  The “agenda” of Satanism is MIND CONTROL and BLACK MAGIC…, just as it was for the Church of Scientology!

Don’t forget what L. Ron Hubbards own son said about Daddies “Religion”!

Now…, what could possibly be MORE CLEAR than this slide where L. Ron Hubbard Jr. talks about Scientology in very TRUTHFUL terms!

Now…, let’s just see what those men and women who are trying to SELL Sceintology to the public say that it is…

See this link:

Oh my GOD…, if you went to the link above – then you’d think that this was the greatest THING that ever took place on the Earth!   You’d be wondering why you have never discovered it before – and why you have never joined!


Satanism is “packaged” and then SOLD to the public in a way that makes it LOOK REALLY GOOD!


So, knowing what you know now…, what do you think about all of the “NICE” things that the above article in the Guardian is saying about the “wonders” of THE TEMPLE OF SATAN…, and how “progressive” it is??

Do you think it’s more than likely ALL JUST A CON JOB??

Read all of the “nice” things the Scientology website says about that religion that we know is based in BLACK MAGIC!

You see how they do it??


All my love….









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