In these times of rising energy, people who are very used to keeping secrets and telling lies are failing to see what THEY were very used to doing in the past is now causing massive problems for them in these times of the Great Awakening.

There are still countless people in the World’s Militaries, Governments, Agencies, Law Enforcement, and Authority Structures who simply can’t see the obvious connection between the secrets that they keep (and the lies that they tell) and the horrible tyranny that we see happening all around us as a “mirrored reflection” of those secrets and lies.

This was found on Twitter  just today!

Donald Trump, the White Hats, the Q Group et. al. – still to not seem to understand how energy, frequency, and vibration actually work.

Nikola Tesla said “point blank” … “

If you want to understand the Universe (and how it operates) you must learn to think in terms of ENERGY, FREQUENCY, and VIBRATION”

With all of the Anons working so very hard and doing daily “decodes” in order to support “THE SHOW” in the hopes of saving the world, what is truly lost on all of them is the single most important factor that was hidden deliberately from the entire world by the Luciferians and their off world Allies for thousands of years.


What was hidden from almost everyone is the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT and the LAW OF RECIPROCAL RETURN.

The Law of Reciprocal Return is the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

In other words whatever you “plant into the field (sowing)  –  is what will grow (reaping)!” 

God’s Laws are always very simple.  Even so, most adults just can not understand these Laws because it is convenient for them not to understand them (lest they get a good look at their own sins).

You can’t plant corn and get tomatoes!  And, you can’t plant lies and then expect to have a nice “clean field” that is free from all lies.

Kids Drag Shows are 100 percent about grooming young children for sex with adults…, PERIOD.   This is completely obvious – but the Liberal/Satanists absolutely refuse to admit it.

The Whites Hats (for their part) would just love for all of the Liberals to “come clean” about what they are doing in this case, and to STOP LYING about this to the world.

However, the White Hats “very own field” has already been completely covered and planted over with LIES as well and this was done by the White Hats themselves! 

The MAIN LIE and the MAIN SECRET that the White Hats have planted everywhere on the Earth is something that has to do with:

V2K/Voice to Skull, and RNM/Remote Neural Monitoring – which is an insidious technologies platform of serious Mind Control and Body Control that has been turned into a WEAPON of torment and torture (many times ending in an innocent victims suicide) and was originally developed by the U.S. Military (DARPA) and the DEEP STATE, and is currently being used on innocent civilians all over the world.

While the White Hats are screaming about what is happening to “the kids” all over the world, there is a 100 percent total INFORMATION EMBARGO coming from all of the Anons about Voice to Skull/Remote Neural Monitoring and the utterly savage effect that it is having upon millions of ADULT lives who many times just can’t take the torment and kill themselves.

Why the double standard of Secrecy and Lies?

The double standard  is there because these “weapons” are classified, and therefore fall under the protection of National Security Laws…, even though these very “weapons” have been turned upon millions of innocent people in the general public from around the world!

Here is an interesting question for anyone that is reading this article:

Can the White Hats scream to moon and back and point their fingers at the Liberal Satanists and accuse them of hiding (and keeping secret) the fact that they are grooming children as young as seven years old and are preparing them for the possibility of having sex with grown adults (which could cause damage to the children) when the White Hats themselves REFUSE to come clean and to disclose a totally diabolical and hidden weapons platform (that was developed by the military) that is hidden and frequency based, and is currently being used to torment and torture millions of adults from around the world?


  • Can one field full of lies and deceit somehow correct and clean up another field full of lies and deceit that is just across the road?
  • Can you shift the energy of a moving car to turn toward the right, when you are still holding the steering wheel of that car firmly to the left and refuse to let go of it?

  • What is “Energy”?
  • What is “Momentum”?
  • What is “Frequency”?
  • What is “Vibration”?


Can you expect the Earth’s magnetic “field” to become clean of all of the lies, deceit, hidden agendas, and damage they are causing when you are still actively sowing the seeds of lies and deceit yourself every single day into that very SAME field?

The LIES WILL ONLY STOP when everyone stops telling lies and keeping secrets.

I have made it very clear that I am being “TARGETED” by frequency weapons daily, (for forty years) and yet not one single truther in America will ask me a single question about this.

As a reader, don’t you find that just a tiny bit odd?  I mean as the old saying goes…, “Even a blind chicken can pick up a kernel of wheat once in a while…”


What are the odds of that?

Even God thinks something fishy is going on with this one…

Time will tell.

All my love


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