This article linked below…, concerns a subject that I have been considering for a long time!  That question is this!

Just how much of our “DEBT”  has to do with us as a species…, and how much of it has to do with OFF WORLDERS…, who may be fighting Galactic battles…, and “using Humans” as the Galactic Version of BANKING COLATERAL to “finance” their Galactic Operations.

You see…, if there WERE a race out there that actually “claimed” the Earth as their property…, and thus ALL HUMAN BEINGS as their property as well…, then might they not “use” that property as backing in the Galaxy to get loans, equipment, ships and technology…, while “promising” to transfer human DNA and SOULS to their backers to fulfill “loan agreements” (?)

Please read the article below:

Once you’ve read the article…, let me know what you think!

If anyone out there has MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS…, let me know!


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  1. DET

    I think, if there would be no interest
    at the money, then there would be no debt
    and no Off Worlders would be benefiting
    by the money-system.

    Short and precise:
    All debt is only by the interest.

  2. Anna

    ” DN NOTE: Another explaination is that this debt is owned by a parasitic Breakaway Civilization with off-world connections to other ET civilizations” This last sentence answer it all, I am sure of that. Make more sense then anything else re financial debt by the billions. At the same token we can ask ” Where are all the gold the nations used to have???? I guess we can answer this by the same sentence I started.

  3. Linda Torgrimson

    The rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper. This makes as much sense as everything else I’m finding out and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. My question is, what do they do with our DNA and our souls? Other articles I’ve read gave hope to getting off the reincarnation treadmill, but if this is true……..And where is prime creator or God in this?

    • Let me answer your last question first! Prime Creator has already taken action in this matter. I will defer to a long conversation that I had with Shane Bales about this. Because of his connections with (Off Worlders) he told me that it had been seen by beings more advanced than the run of the mill…,

      that darkness had actually “overtaken” our galaxy. His speculation was that both “Light” and “Darkness” on the level of “3d”, needed to exist in a “balance” with light being slightly more available than “dark”.

      However…, he defined “dark” as simply another “path” to creator…, and said that what we have here on Earth…, (in the philosophical sense) is NOT the kind of “Dark” that the Universe needs or even wants.

      What we have here on Earth is PURE EVIL! Far different than a phiosophical difference…, the DARK that Earth now has…, and in fact the ENTIRE GALAXY that we are living in now has is seen as a DISEASE or A SICKNESS that is spreading and must be stopped.

      He made it clear to me that our ENTIRE GALAXY (due to the draco and their AI buddies) had gone from dark to PURE EVIL…, and that a “CORRECTION” had been sent from the Galactic Center in the form of a WAVE!
      This wave was sent a LONG TIME AGO!.., because the DRACO have been doing evil for a long, long time. The Wave is slowly making it’s way into the outer arms of the Galaxy now…, and is soon to be upon Earth.
      Many ET’s and even some Earth Secret Space Vessels have gone out into the Galaxy and have actually SEEN this wave coming.
      Our Government was “warned” about it in the 40’s and the 50’s.

      Instead of “changing” their ways…, they simply STOLE all of the money from every single human on Earth and built huge underground Cities and bunkers for their ELITE selves to hopefully survive in…, and their intention is to leave the rest of humanity on the surface to die.

      They do not know what the wave will do…., and think they can survive it.
      Shane says the WAVE is MORE for the EARTH than Humanity…, and that it will pull HER upward into a new level were the “light” and “dark” are once again balanced. But the EVIL will have been wiped out.

      As far as our DNA is concerned…, it is my belief (Many articles have been written about this) is that we are Genetic Royalty. Our DNA is directly connected to 22 species in the Galaxy and probably has the capacity to do many things we’ve never considered. I have read that species from all over the galaxy are desperate to get it…, and will pay almost anything for it.

      As for our Souls. That is what another “version” of Loosh is made from!

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