This article linked below…, concerns a subject that I have been considering for a long time!  That question is this!

Just how much of our “DEBT”  has to do with us as a species…, and how much of it has to do with OFF WORLDERS…, who may be fighting Galactic battles…, and “using Humans” as the Galactic Version of BANKING COLATERAL to “finance” their Galactic Operations.

You see…, if there WERE a race out there that actually “claimed” the Earth as their property…, and thus ALL HUMAN BEINGS as their property as well…, then might they not “use” that property as backing in the Galaxy to get loans, equipment, ships and technology…, while “promising” to transfer human DNA and SOULS to their backers to fulfill “loan agreements” (?)

Please read the article below:

Once you’ve read the article…, let me know what you think!

If anyone out there has MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS…, let me know!


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