This is for those people who can listen to videos…, and then file it away for future reference without treating every word as “gospel”.  More like a “wait and see” kind of thing.

I have no idea who Kent Dunn really is.  He claims to be in the “intel” business, and if I had to venture a guess (since I don’t know for sure) I’d say he is either military or former military!  (Maybe one of my readers might know more).

He has been feeding video updates to a man named Gary Larrabee, many of which I do watch.    I can NOT vouch for any of this…, which is why I usually never post them.

But a few seem interesting.  I will put them up for those who like to listen to things of “interest”.   Use Caution!

I found this video above very interesting…, and “if true” would be a blessing.  For those who want some “hopium”…, this video may supply such.

The next one for me is even “more” believable…, because Barack Obama is “known”…, to be a “gay man”…, and his so called “wife”…, is a “tranny”.

(A least according to Joan Rivers…, who apparently gave her LIFE when she dared to let the cat out of the bag!)

For those of you who think I’ve got a “problem” with gays…, I don’t!   I have a real problem with LIARS and DECIEVERS!

I have a “right” to know what is really going on behind the scenes, and be told the TRUTH!   “Fraud” comes in many forms!

As I’ve said.  At the moment I have NO WAY to verify the truthfulness of these posts…, so please use EXTREME CAUTION!!

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