By: Bradley Loves


In an article that was run today on RT…, it has come out that the then Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) wanted simply to “silence” Julian Assange by killing him in a Drone Attack!

In direct conflict with certain “reports” that have been circulating on Veterans Today,  which have called both “Edward Snowden” and “Julian Assange” CIA assets or “plants”…, (a “theory” which I call RIDICULOUS) ….this RT report shows quite to the Contrary…,  that the State Department truly felt threatened by Assange, and the information he was leaking…, and sought out ways to kill him.

The article, which can be found here:

….goes in depth about the subject at hand. (Please read)

In the very same breath…, it NEEDS to be repeated that Edward Snowden…, unlike the report given on Veterans Today is NOT a CIA asset who did what he did on orders!

This SMEAR only saw the light of day as a REBUTTAL to the Hollywood made movie: SNOWDEN…, which was made specifically by Oliver Stone…, to show the public what was really happening behind the scenes.

Snowden is still in theatres…, and I highly recommend seeing it!


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