By: Bradley Loves


History is a word that we use to describe what actually took  place in the past.

However, remembering that all of our words (whirr’ds) were handed to us by those who wish to control us…, we would do well to take apart these words to see what they really are.

History =  HIS Story!

That’s all it is.   His Story!   The question that we really should all be asking is this one:

Whose Story is it really?

Is it “our story” ?    No!   That is not what the word is saying.    It is “his story” that we are talking about when using that word…, so I for one want to know who this guy is!

Who wrote His STORY?

Some people say that “His Story”…, spiritually speaking is the Story of the “Savior”, or of Jesus Christ.

However upon closer inspection…, most of our History is actually lies…, and has been either changed or bent to serve a certain group or faction, and thus has very little TRUTH in it.

For that reason…, I would like to suggest that “His Story” is more about Lucifer!  It is far more likely that the Prince of DECEPTION and LIES…, would be the father of history…, because that is what it is filled with…, DECEPTION AND LIES.

So history, or “His Story”…, is the Story of Lucifer!

And…, for those researchers who are very aware of just who is running this world…, (Generational Satanists)…, they would most likely have to agree with what I’ve said.

Let us not forget here that the VATICAN operates one of the worlds largest telescopes and it’s name is LUCIFER!

It is becoming more and more apparent to me (and those who study the things that I do) that TIME has truly been compromised…, and most likely our entire HISTORY has been re-written!

With thousands of Alternate “Time-lines” and other Quantum Jumping and “hanky-panky” going on in the physical Universe, it is not hard to see that what we call “history” is actually a STORY written long ago!

It is a STORY that the Satanists are actively trying to “make happen”…, and are (as we speak) using super advanced technology to BEND time and space to their goals.

Why would they do this?

Because just like every other Control Freak that ever existed…, they want to control the “outcome”.   They want to know what is going to happen BEFORE it happens.

That is why “history” from their point of view has already been written!  That is why we even use the word  “His Story”.    It is the story of how Lucifer comes to power!

It was written by the Satanists…, and it is already complete in their version.  With Time Travel…, they have been able to get fully written books, ideas, and messages deep into the past…, which then play out as a sort of MAP to what they want to see happen.

Again…, it’s all about CONTROL…, they want to control the ENDING!

The only thing the Satanists hate is something they can NOT control!

Therefore…, what they hate “most” is a mystery…, or something that they do NOT know the outcome of.

You see, mystery = MY STORY

It is the organic story of “my life”…, and the story that I make up as I go along!  There is NO WAY to know what I will organically do in any moment of time space…, and that is why it is a “mystery”.

It is a mystery BECAUSE IT IS MY STORY!

It is the natural and loving discovery of who I am…, and who I will eternally be!

Yet…, because it is “my story” or, mystery…, it can NOT be controlled…, and the outcome can not be predicted!

The Satanists “hate” this more than anything…, because NOT KNOWING the outcome, puts the “end result” in doubt!   They can not have this.

That is why they have given us history (his story)…, which is filled with deception and lies…, and they do everything they possibly can to avoid mystery (my story) which is the organic unfolding of my life.

Time line WARS…, Time Travel…, and the complete “designing” of Time lines has been on going for quite some time now…, and NO ONE really knows any longer what the Organic Time Line should have looked like.

I can tell you one thing…, whatever you have read as “History”  most likely has NOTHING to do with the pure and ORGANIC timeline we were originally on.

Because that “timeline” could not be controlled.

My friends think on these things!









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