By: Bradley Loves


This is an ALERT!

I’m not sure that saying that makes much difference, because who is left to care?

But the only reason I am even telling you this is to remind you that doing this type of thing takes enormous effort and man-power!    You’ve got to grasp this!  Whoever is spending the time and the money to do this would NOT BE DOING IT…, if they were not setting up the world for a really big FALL at some point down the road.

The only way this kind of thing pays off dividends is if those who are doing it have plans they know for certain will pan out in the near future…, and one has to ask just what kind of future is being planned that most of our history needs to be re-written!

See this article:

Google and Wikipedia are a tag-team monopoly disinfo factory trying to re-write all events to fit Democrat narratives

(Just fill in the words SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST narratives for the word Democrat)

Remember when I wrote this:



It took the NAZI’s only ten years time to re-write German History enough to take over all of the German people by taking away all of their guns, burning all of the important books, and making the people stark raving mad by lying to them.

1929 to 1939!

America’s 1929 happened around the year 2011, or right around the end of the first term of Barack Obama!

My calculations tell me that America is now in the very same “time period” as Nazi Germany was back in 1929, and that it is following the exact same blueprint because it is being done by the exact SAME GROUP  (Illuminati/Luciferians)


Then there is this:

Universities now demanding total obedience to transgenderism lunacy for businesses before they are allowed to operate on campus… intellectual DIVERSITY is outlawed

You know…, I’m wondering what it will take for Americans to get up off the couch and actually “get” the fact that their “leaders” and “authority figures” are planning their demise!

At what point do Americans start to care?

When the knock comes at the door…, and it’s the “secret police” with guns to take them to camps…, will that be their first and only CLUE that something was amiss?

Will they keep repeating to themselves as if stunned…, I never saw this coming…, it was so SUDDEN!

Anyway…, just giving everyone a heads up!


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