By: Bradly Loves


While Nero played the Fiddle…, ROME BURNED!


There is a very important lesson in this quote…, a lesson that seems most people are missing!   That lesson is that BAD THINGS HAPPEN, when good people do NOTHING!

Nero, most likely an abject coward, found an easy way to “deflect” blame for what turned out to be a most horrible event that took place under his rule.


You know…, apparently there is a little bit of “Nero” in everyone!

I say that because as we speak…, really BAD THINGS are happening, and “good people” are doing NOTHING!

While FREEDOM BURNS – Americans play Video Games!!

“As the World Turns….”  as they say.

Those who IGNORE history are destined to REPEAT history.



So here we have Tucker Carlson of Fox News asking the appropirate question about BIG TECH CENSORSHIP and the all out ASSULT on FREE SPEECH!

He asks simply:





You’d think there would be a FEW GROUPS of “good men” out there ready to DO SOMETHING…, but you’d be wrong!

And the most “pious” people on the planet…, (or so they claim) are actively IGNORING anything bad or evil…, and instead using EVERY waking moment and breath to try to convince the rest of us that EVIL does not exist!

New Agers are the most GUILTY of the groups who just “ignore” everything.  In fact…, they TEACH IT to others!

Instead of “doing something”…, they are doing NOTHING and waiting to ASCEND!

One day a week Christians are also doing NOTHING, becuase they are hiding in Churches and waiting for Jesus to come back to do it FOR THEM.

Both of these groups CLAIM to be “good people”.

Personally…, I don’t see it!

What I CAN SEE however…, is the Muslims around the world who are actively raping women and children, stabbing people to death and starting fires!

They are burning churches and killing Christians in many countries around the world!  It is an epidemic!

These people also “claim to be good men”!

At least they are ACTING on what they believe.

But then…, WHO CARES RIGHT ??

(The sign below says: Christians are asked to convert to Islam, pay a high tax, or die!)


Here is an interesting picture of a certain “New Ager” that I found while going through a search!  His name is Saint Barack Obama!

Why is he a New Ager?

Because all of the New Ager’s LOVED and SUPPORTED HIM!

Don’t think so???

See these:

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America is going to lose all of it’s FREEDOMS!

They are being taken away as we speak!

The reason we are losing them is clear…, NO ONE IS WILLING TO CHALLENGE IT…, NO ONE IS WILLING TO DO ANYTHING!

Most especially those who “fancy” themselves as: GOOD PEOPLE!


The only thing necessary for the TRIUMPH of evil, is for good people to just watch and DO NOTHING!














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