By: Bradley Loves


Along with several other TRUTH WEBSITES and BLOGS…, LOVE TRUTH will be PROVEN to be one of the few places on the internet that was consistently telling you the TRUTH!

How many “New Age” Bloggers or Websites will be able to “claim” that they never spread any lies??

Within a few short months Barry Soetoro will be PROVEN to be anything but the savior that countless Channelers and New Age Bloggers claimed that he was!

Instead, many of these websites and blogs will be proven to have spread real lies and propaganda out to the public, and what’s more than that…, if not for the intervention of the US Military and Donald Trump…, would have helped greatly in handing over America and the ENTIRE WORLD to the Satanists FOREVER!

Do you think we will EVER see any REAL APOLOGIES from any of them?  Who am I even talking about??

Countless New Age Channelers – Website Owners – and Bloggers…, all of whom supported and defended Barack Hussein Obama – aka  Barry Soetoro, a man who was actively trying to destroy not only America, but the entire WORLD!

Will they APOLOGIZE and say…, I’m sorry…, I was wrong?

Will they admit that they should NEVER have listened to these “unseen” and “out of body” entities??

What about the real damage that was done to millions of people in countles countries like Syria, Libya and Yemen whose lives were destroyed and whose homes were turned to rubble?

What about the countless millions who had to flee their countries while Obama and his cronies were calling the shots and destroying the planet, but still NEW AGERS world wide continued to support Obama even going so far as to call him a “Saint” and a “Chosen One”, because their Channelers told them to??

Do they even CARE…, that part of the BLAME for all of this rests squarely upon their shoulders because they REFUSED to see what was really happening, and instead chose to ignore and deny it?

Do they even CARE that many men and women like myself were trying to raise the alarm and speak out against this guy…, but were shouted down on too many to count “blogs” and “websites” who were trying to belittle people like me, and make us seem crazy?

Do they CARE that they raked up countless donations for telling LIES, while men like me got NOTHING for telling the TRUTH??

I for one am not going to hold my breath for any damn apology, because as much as these sick men and women CLAIM to be spiritual…, they are anything but!

It is doubtful that they can “feel” anything!

They are selfish brats who claimed “higher energy” and a “higher knowing” than the masses…, but then they sat idly by and watched as the world was being destroyed in front of their very eyes all the while saying that being NON-JUDGEMENTAL was the proper thing to do…, when in fact the ENTIRE NEW AGE was just a scam and a CON to get them to stand down!

It is very doubtful that they will apologize to me or to anyone else, and it is also doubtful that they will even ADMIT that they caused extreme hurt or pain in the world as a result of their beliefs, actions, and NON ACTIONS.

What I will say is this.

Some of us CARED SO DEEPLY ABOUT OTHERS…, that we simply could not stand by and watch the entire world be destroyed by these SATANISTS!

Yes…, WE JUDGED THEM, and rightly so!   And the world was SAVED as a result!

WE cared enough to “make real judgements” and to point out REAL EVIL, and what’s more, WE CARED ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!


The entire planet, in the end, will have been saved by a group of men and women who had the COURAGE to “JUDGE” right from wrong, and in so “judging” right from wrong…, they were able to take REAL ACTION to correct it, and as a result,  all of America and the rest of the world benefited!

History will prove that the World was only saved because “GOOD MEN” and “GOOD WOMEN” judged, and took action!

They did not sit in their homes remaining “free from judgement”!




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