53 Exclusive Warlock, Wizard, And Witch Names For Your Baby


Words fall short when it comes to thanking Harry Potter. Ever since the release of this mega series, muggles (commoners) all over the world have stopped disapproving and even shunning witchery, wizardry, and warlock. Instead, they are now considered a thing of magic and wonder.

Also, thanks to the hit TV series Vampire Diaries, witches and warlocks are rather in the forefront. Additionally, it has also opened people to a whole new world of exciting and enchanting baby names.

Below, Mom Junction has sourced some of the most distinctive warlock and witch baby names from Greek mythology, Tolkien, Disney movies, and even real life.

Whether you’re interested in the fascinating world of wizardry or you like names from the pop culture, we’re sure there will be at least one name that will catch your fancy. Take a look….



Note from Bradley:

Naturally…, we ALL need to be wondering just what “witch” or “warlock” or “wizard” name to give our young children!

Of COURSE…, so they too can become “baby magicians”…, and do just as much damage to the planet…, the galaxy and the cosmos…, as the SS…, NASA…, and the Hollywood magicians have already done!

TRUTH, LOVE, GOD, and BROTHERHOOD has now been replaced by “magic” and “spells”, and…. ????????????






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