The next Podcast that Luke and I will be doing will be amazing! 

So many dots will be connected finally for everyone who listens.  However, in order to really get a good grasp on what I am going to say, and how I am going to explain things from a Universal Standpoint, I really need everyone to watch these two videos first.

The first video is an interview that Michael Salla did with Stewart Swerdlow on April 18th of 2022

It is really imperative (if you want to be prepared for the podcast) that you watch this video VERY CAREFULLY!   What I am going to show you (and what I’ve been writing about all along) will knock your socks off and literally prove that I’ve been correct in what I’ve written here on Love Truth Site.

The second video you need to watch is this one – once again done by Michael Salla with Randy Kramer and only posted very recently.  Please watch them in this order and watch them carefully!

Today is Sunday – so many of you probably will have plenty of time to watch these.  Thank you for reading and Thank you for watching here on Love Truth Site.

All my love


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